Best Nintendo DS Games for Kids


Jan 25
Best Nintendo DS Games for Kids

Nintendo has been making a comeback over the past few years, and their Nintendo 3DS is one of the revolutionary products that offers kids a 3-D experience with their interactive gameplay.

When it comes to finding games for kids that keep them entertained, some parents are not sure which offer the most interactive experience suitable for the 3DS unit.

Top Games for the Nintendo 3DS

There are hundreds of games available, including cross compatible and downloadable options. However, parents looking to buy their younger kids games that are user-friendly, and entertaining, will find there are three that stand out the most.

Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Best Nintendo DS Games for KidsFor kids that enjoy the new Force Awakens movie from the Star Wars saga, this game will be the ideal gift. The game moves quickly, which keeps kids entertained, but still offers enough challenges that older kids stay involved.

What is Great About It?

The game offers excellent story expansions that go beyond the movie. Also, there are fun new blaster battles that have been added and the multi-builds add more depth and variety to the game. It is ideal for those who are avid Star Wars fans too.

What Needs Improvement?

The game itself is not innovative compared to other Star Wars games out there.

Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS

Best Nintendo DS Games for KidsThis game has its imperfections, but it is still fun for those that love the Super Smash Bros games. The game will certainly teach a kid a thing or two, but it is more suitable for older kids.

What is Great About It?

The game has a never-ending supply of surprises. Even replaying the game offers new experiences. There are numerous impressive fighters in the cast to choose from. The basic fighting skills are improved from previous versions of the game.

What Needs Improvement?

The online and multiplayer features have some issues that could be corrected. The Smash Run portion is okay, but not enjoyable like the other adventure modes.

Kirby: Triple Deluxe

Best Nintendo DS Games for KidsThis game is all about playing on the outside and enjoying superior graphics and a true 3D experience.

What is Great About It?

Offers a familiar, yet imaginative, game within a game. The levels are perfectly paced so that a child does not get overwhelmed. Also, the 3D effects in this game are remarkable and highly impressive.

What Needs Improvement?

The game may be too bubbly for some kids, and the colors are very bright. Also, the game is almost the game as Kirby: Return to Dreamland.

Which Game is Best for the 3DS?

All three games work great on the Nintendo 3DS, but for those that want adventure and gameplay, Kirby or Lego Star Wars takes the cake.