Reviews of the Best Aftershave Balms


May 10
Best Aftershave Balms

After shave lotions, balms and splashes. There are a wide range of options available to you to use after you have shaved. A lot of what people go for, comes down to personal preference and frankly habit. "I've always used product x, so why change?" Well the reason to change, or to consider changing is that there are so many new options out there. So we're going to look at aftershave balms. Not lotions, or splashes, just balms. And we'll explain the difference between these three types of products. So read on to discover our top three best aftershave balms. 

The Best 3 Aftershave Balms

A good balm should have a thicker consistency, feel a bit heavier on your skin and will also give more relief from skin irritation and dry skin than an aftershave splash (or lotion). Balms are suited to people with less oily skin, and also those not living in hot, humid climates. We've considered these factors as well as value for money in coming up with our top three best aftershave balms. 


Lather & Wood aftershave balm

Lather & Wood Shaving Co After Shave Balm - Sandalwood

(4.5 out of 5.0 )

  • Calms irritation and eliminates razor burn
  • Cooling and refreshing
  • Alcohol free
  • Non-greasy, hydrating formula
  • Lasts a long time - a little goes a long way
  • Not very strong scent at all


Nivea men post shave balm

Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm

( 4.7 out of 5.0 )

  • 3,3 oz bottle - pack of 4
  • Great value for money
  • Protects skin from shaving irritations
  • Improves skin's condition over time
  • Formulated without alcohol
  • Especially developed for men
  • Nice fragrance but doesn't last as long as an eau de toilette/parfum


Art naturals smooth touch hair removal

Art Naturals Smooth Touch Ingrown Hair Removal Serum

(4.5 out of 5.0 )

  • Helps heal ingrown hair, razor bumps and nicks
  • Certified Fair Trade
  • Organic, paraben-free, not tested on animals
  • Recycled packaging
  • Slight sting on application if you have ingrown hairs and razor burn

Why Buy an Aftershave Balm?

Many men suffer from razor bumps and rashes after shaving. There are many things that you can do to help prevent this. And this is where aftershave balm comes in. It is a really important part of your shaving after-care. 

  • Aftershave splashes and lotions can make your skin flair up: If you suffer with after burn or shaving bumps you need to avoid aftershave splashes or lotions. They will make your problem worse. 
  • Aftershave Balms soothe: After scraping a sharp piece of metal across your face, is it any wonder your skin needs a little soothing? And this is where a good aftershave balm comes into its own. 

But as we said, an aftershave balm is only part of the shaving skin care routine, that you should consider adapting if you have sensitive skin. We'll take a look at this in closer detail later in this review. 

What to Look Out for When Buying Aftershave Balm

If you're considering an aftershave balm, rather than a splash or lotion, then that's because you have a need for a product that provides a little more care. Let's take a look at what a good aftershave balm can give you. 

  • Alcohol Free: This dries your skin out. Not recommended if you are looking for a moisturizing balm
  • If you suffer with Razor Burn, Bumps or Ingrown Hairs, get a balm that treats this: Any Aftershave Balm will sooth and moisturize your skin. But if you have specific skin issues such as razor burn, ingrown hairs for razor bumps, go for a balm that is specifically designed to treat this. Lather & Wood will eliminate razor burn. Art Naturals is the product for ingrown hairs and razor bumps. 
  • Consistency: The Nivea Aftershave balm is a more moisturizer like product in consistency. The Lather & Wood and Art Naturals Products are more oil like in their consistency. Choose which you prefer. Remember, a product with an oil-consistency will last a lot longer. It will probably be more expensive to purchase, but you really hardly need any at all to cover your whole neck and face! 

You'll see from reading this that the aftershave balms differ considerably from aftershave splashes and lotions. These tend to be more harsh, drying and liquid in formation.

Which, if you don't have sensitive skin, have oilier skin or live in a very hot and humid part of the world, then this is exactly what you want. If you do have sensitive skin and/or acne we recommend trying to clear that up first with an acne cream. Make sure you do your homework carefully first though to ensure you select the right cream because not all acne creams work, like this Proactiv review uncovers. 

Aftershave Balms and Important in Preventing and Treating Razor Burns and Bumps

We mentioned earlier in this review, that aftershave balms play an important role in keeping your skin burn and bump free. But there is more to it than just using an aftershave balm. For best results, you need to address your whole shaving routine. Take a look at our top tips here: 

What is razor burn? It is an irritating rash that appears for some people after shaving. When it is mild, this can just mean a slight itch and a red rash. But in severe cases you could see razor burn turning into razor bumps. Razor bumps are caused by ingrown hairs. Anyone with curlier beards is more likely to suffer from razor bumps. So let's see how to prevent razor burn and bumps: 

  1. Make sure your Beard is Soft: ?The best time to shave is after you take a hot shower. The steam will soften up your beard and it is in the best condition for shaving.
  2. Exfoliate: Use a good facial scrub to remove dead skin cells and help ingrown hairs to rise to the surface. Any scrub will do. Use your wife or girlfriends if you want. Just use one.  
  3. Use a Badger Brush when Shaving: In lathering your beard in this way you are making sure that the lather goes all the way up and under your whiskers. This helps to create a smoother shave. 
  4. Use a Safety Blade:  For a lot of men the multiple blades commonly sold today will irritate the skin. Shaving with a safety razor will get rid of skin irritation and you will be left with a clean, healthy looking face. 
  5. Shave WITH the Grain: Many of us shave against the grain. Because you get a smooth feel in one pass over with a razor. But you do risk cuts and razor burn. And shaving too close is also what causes ingrown hairs and razor bumps. Shaving with the grain minimises the chances of irritation and burn. You will have to lather up and pass the razor over your skin again as you won't get the finish you want in one pass of the razor. But you also will minimise the chances of getting razor burn and ingrown hairs. So definitely worth the extra time. 
  6. Use Light and Soft Strokes: The weight of the razor is enough to cut your beard. You don't need to add extra pressure. Use short strokes to stop yourself from applying too much pressure. 
  7. Use a Sharp Razor: If you don't have a sharp blade you will not be cutting your beard. You will be tearing it. Dull blades drag along your face and increase the chances of ingrown hairs and skin irritation. 
  8. Clean the Blade with Alcohol: Bacteria on the blade is what causes irritation. Wipe down your razor blade with rubbing alcohol (far cheaper than antiseptic and does just as good a job). 
  9. Clean the Blade after Each Stroke: Shaving cream and whiskers are collected in your blade after each and every stroke. You need to remove this to ensure a clean cut. Rinse your blade after each stroke. 
  10. The Cold Water Rinse: Once you've finished shaving rinse your face to remove any residue with cold water. Why cold water? Well, this closes your pores and reduces the chances of ingrown hairs occurring. 
  11. Apply Aftershave Balm: This reduces redness, adds much needed moisture back to your face and in doing this reduces the chances of ingrown hairs. 
  12. Dry the Blades and Brush: It isn't enough just to rinse them. Your blade and brush should both be patted down. This will keep the blade sharper for longer and allow the badger brush to dry out properly so bacteria doesn't collect there. 

Detailed Review of Best Aftershave Balms

By now you probably have a good idea of how to reduce the chances of skin irritation after shaving. So let's get on with looking in more detail at our best aftershave balms. 

Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm

Nivea men post shave balm

This product is a bargain. Excellent value. You get 4 bottles (each 3.3oz) of great quality aftershave balm at a really reasonable price. Great product for anyone with sensitive skin. 


  • Especially developed for men
  • Helps protect skin from shaving irritations
  • Improves skin's condition over time
  • ?Formulated without alcohol
  • ?Enriched with vitamin E, chamomile and witch hazel extracts
  • Lightly fragranced and dermatologically tested

What's Good About It?

A great performing aftershave balm for anyone with sensitive skin. Brilliant value for money, sting-free moisturizing and care for your skin. Eliminates shaving burn straight away. 

What Could Be Improved?

This product is not specifically designed for skin bumps and ingrown hairs. When used properly as part of a skin care routine as described earlier in this article, it will prevent these. But if you are very prone to suffering from ingrown hairs and skin bumps you should consider the product by Art Natural which is designed specifically for this purpose.

Lather & Wood After-Shave Balm 

Lather & Wood aftershave balm

A great product that really lasts. A little goes a very long way and will leave your freshly shaven face feeling moisturized, smooth and healthy. 


  • Calms irritation and reduces razor burn
  • Cooling and refreshing
  • No sting or burn, rather cools and calms
  • ?Alcohol-free and non-greasy
  • A little goes a very long way

What's Good About It?

It produces results that are really almost identical to the Nivea product. The difference is that this product is more oil based rather than a moisturizer based product. So if you don't particularly suffer with ingrown hairs and razor bumps, our top two products are great for you. Which you go for will be down to personal preference. 

What Could Be Improved?

The scent is not really very long lasting. You would expect this is a balm or oil based product, but it is such a nice smelling balm that it's a shame it isn't a bit stronger! 

Art Naturals Smooth Touch Ingrown Hair Removal Serum

Art naturals smooth touch hair removal

This is definitely the aftershave balm for you if you suffer more regularly with ingrown hairs or razor bumps. In this case, it cannot be beaten. It is the most expensive of our top three, but it is a little unfair to compare this one to the others, as it is a more specialist product. 


  • All Natural extracts work together for gentle exfoliation while cleansing our pores and allowing trapped ingrown hairs to become untangled and dislodged
  • Natural ingredients moisturize and heal with cooling relief to your skin, eliminating razor bumps and burns
  • Unclogs pores and cleanses skin of harmful bacteria and dead skin cells

What's Good About It?

The product comes with a 100% guarantee. So if you are unsatisfied you can just return the product for a complete refund. If you have ingrown hairs of razor bumps why wouldn't you give it a go? 

It is also free trade certified, paraben free, cruelty free and organic. ?

What Could Be Improved?

It does sting a little, just for a second, when first applied to razor rash, burn or bumps. 

Final Verdict on Best Aftershave Balm

There really isn't much to choose between our top two. The Nivea just about came out in first place as it is the best value for money. Although, the Lather & Wood and Art Natural products will both last a very long time as very little is needed to cover the affected area. We would recommend that for most people the Nivea represents a great aftershave balm for sensitive skin at a great value price. Remember though, go for the Art Naturals if you suffer from Razor bumps and ingrown hairs. You won't regret it!