Best Consumer Sound Bars for Home Entertainment


Dec 14
Best Consumer Sound Bars for Home Entertainment

Sound bars are the new wave of home entertainment systems. Most operate on Bluetooth technology, so a consumer does not have to worry about multiple cables routing to their TV. Even better, those that offer Bluetooth can also connect to a customer’s smartphone and tablet for more sound options.

Top 3 Sound Bars for Home Entertainment

When shopping for a sound bar, a consumer can become overwhelmed with all the options. Today, there are numerous manufacturers and styles of sound bars to choose from, but it is important to consider the features before a consumer discounts the price.

These top three sound bars offer the most versatility and consistent sound.

Samsung HW-K950

Best Consumer Sound Bars for Home EntertainmentThis is the ultimate sound bar. It was designed for those that want a clear sound that is customized by the mode, including sports, cinema, and voice. While it is expensive, users find it worth the upfront investment.

The bar itself has a discreet look and very simple setup. Also, whether a user is watching TV or a movie, the sound is impressive.

What is Good About It?

This Samsung sound bar is one of the best on the market today. It offers clear, dynamic sound for movies and music. It has a dedicated rear speaker for increased immersion, and it is cheaper than purchasing a Dolby speaker and receiver system.

What Could be Improved?

The price tag is quite hefty, averaging over $1,000. The DTS support is limited too.

LG SH7B Sound Bar

Best Consumer Sound Bars for Home EntertainmentThis sound bar proves that an affordable unit can still deliver extraordinary sound. It offers more than the traditional wireless bar systems and subwoofers, with equally credible experiences for movies and music.

What is Good About It?

The LG SH7B sound bar offers superior performance for less than $500, which makes it ideal for those who are on a budget. It also has more connectivity than even the higher priced Samsung units, offering everything from Wi-Fi to Bluetooth to HDMI to optical connections. Also, users can stream on Pandora, Spotify, and Google Cast.

What Could be Improved?

The dedicated stereo system may be better suited for those that want to play music because the LG is better for movies and TV performance.

Yamaha YAS-203

Best Consumer Sound Bars for Home EntertainmentThis sound bar is the cheapest out of the three, but do not let the price tag fool. It is an excellent system that offers superior performance and comes from a company with decades of experience in superior sound systems.

What is Good About It?

This Yamaha sound bar is excellent. It offers depth and surround-sound capabilities, as well as useful features like DTS and Bluetooth. The panel on the front allows the users to control it even without a remote and the rear-mounted blaster helps protect if the speaker blocks an IR port.

What Could be Improved?

There are no HDMI inputs; therefore, this unit may not work for most TVs.

Which is the Best?

For those willing to spend more to get a significant investment, the Samsung unit is by far the best in terms of performance and sound. It has been reviewed by movie critics and offers crisp, natural sounds that a user would expect from a home entertainment system.