Best Desk Ellipticals


Oct 27
Best Desk Ellipticals

Everyone knows that sitting down for long periods of time is unhealthy. People who work in offices forty hours a week are particularly vulnerable to spending big chunks of time being inactive, since most of their time is spent sitting behind a desk.

A desk elliptical is a great way to keep active while still getting work done at a desk. What is a desk elliptical? It’s like a miniature stationary bike, only it moves in an elliptical motion, like those large machines you see at the gym.

Top 3 Desk Ellipticals

Desk ellipticals are a great way to stay active during time you’d otherwise be stuck just sitting at a desk. While all desk ellipticals work the same basic way, there’s a lot of variety between brands.

Cubii: Smart Under-Desk Elliptical

Best Desk EllipticalsCubii takes the idea of a compact, convenient desk elliptical to the next level with an impressive amount of integrated technology.

What’s Good About It?

The state of the art design allows users to sync to a smartphone app over Bluetooth to provide progress updates throughout the day: the number of calories burned, total time active, and distance pedaled. Cubii can even sync to a FitBit so that time spent pedaling at work can count toward daily step totals.

What Can Be Improved?

Not surprisingly, this model is fairly expensive and might actually have too much technology for people who are just looking for a simple, easy to use machine.

Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer

Best Desk EllipticalsA versatile and very affordable option, this desk elliptical from Stamina is easy to use and understand.

What’s Good About it?

The low-tech design allows for easy manual adjustments. Even when set on the highest tension level, it’s a quiet machine that won’t bother other people in the office. This machine is also more versatile than the Cubii because it allows the user to pedal forward, backward, and even when standing.

What Can Be Improved?

Though it is affordably priced, it isn’t less durable than more expensive models and won’t last through years of heavy use.

Stamina InMotion Compact Strider

Best Desk EllipticalsFor something that’s versatile enough to also do upper body exercises, the Stamina In-Motion Compact Strider is a step from other models.

What’s Good About It?

The included resistance cords elevate this desk elliptical from a simple office machine to something that can support a full body workout. It has an easy-to-use carrying handle so you can move it from underneath a desk to use it standing up to work on upper body exercises.

What Can Be Improved?

It can wear out quickly with extended daily use so make sure to register it for the one-year warranty.

Final Verdict

For anyone who takes their health seriously and is looking for the best way to combat an inactive work day, the Cubii: Smart Under Desk Elliptical is the best choice for a desk elliptical. The Bluetooth technology and ability to integrate with a FitBit means that it can be seamlessly integrated into an already effective exercise routine without much fuss.