Best Ear Wax Removal Products Reviewed


Oct 03
best ear wax removal products review

Let's talk ear wax! Are you looking for the best earwax removal products? Did you know that earwax, or to give it its official title, cerumen, is produced by glands in your ear canal. And it does a really important job: It looks after your ears and provides lubrication, preventing dust, bacteria and germs getting into your ear, trapping dirt and protecting the skin of the ear canal from becoming irritated by water.

But you can have too much of a good thing! And when you do, you'll need the best ear wax remover. If your ear canal becomes blocked you'll suffer with earache, fullness of the ear, partial hearing loss, tinnitus, itching, odor or discharge. Not nice! But not something you have to put up with. Take a look at the best ear wax removal solutions available to buy online today. 

The Best 3 Ear Wax Removal Products

Well this was an interesting product to test! Luckily there were a lot of willing volunteers to help; too much ear wax is a common problem. Have a look at the best products available over the counter to remove ear wax at home. 

Debrox Earwax Removal Aid Kit, Washer & Drops, 0.5-Ounce Bottles (Pack...
  • 0.5-ounce bottle, pack of 2
  • Comes with washer
  • Easily cleanses ear with microfoam action
Elephant Ear Washer Bottle System by Doctor Easy
  • PROFESSIONAL EAR CLEANING AT HOME - Invented by a physician, the Elephant...
  • ELIMINATE EAR WAX - Ear wax buildup and blockage can cause partial hearing...
  • EASY TO USE - Fill the bottle with an ear cleaning solution, twist on a...
Acu-Life Ear Wax Removal Syringe
  • Safer and more effective than rubber bulb ear syringes
  • Tri-stream tip safely directs fluid to ear canal walls
  • Flared design prevents over-insertion

Why Buy an Ear Wax Remover? 

So, when your glands make more wax than is strictly necessary, it can be get hard and then block the ear. If you clean your ears with cotton swabs (and we've all done it) not only do you risk damaging your ear drum, but also you can accidentally push the ear wax further down and cause a blockage leading to temporary hearing loss. 

  • Get rid of the symptoms of earwax build up without having to get an appointment with the doctor:  Hearing loss, tinnitus, fullness in the ear, earache. 
  • Unremoved earwax can lead to infection. At this point you need to see a doctor. Signs of an infection are either intermittent and severe pain, or continually pain, fever, drainage from your ear, persistent hearing loss, odor from your ear and dizziness. 

So if your problem is excess earwax, you can sort this out yourself. 

What to Look Out for When Buying Earwax Removal Products

There are different types of products available. Basically there are two methods to go for.  

  • Softening Earwax: Stuck earwax has often hardened making it difficult for your body to channel it out of your ear naturally. You can buy over the counter drops that are made to soften the excess ear wax. This is either in the form of mineral oil, hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide, baby oil or glycerin. Whichever one, the basic principle is the same. Ear drops should only be used at room temperature and remember to lie on your side with the affected ear facing upwards for a few minutes to give the eardrops the best chance of working. 
  • Ear Irrigation: Before I start with this. A warning. Never try to irrigate your ear if you have any sort of ear injury or have had a medical procedure done to your ear. Irrigation on a ruptured eardrum is the last thing you should be doing and can lead to hearing loss or infection. Ear irrigation works by inserting water or a water and saline mixture into the ear to flush out the wax. It works by using the pressure flow of the water to remove the build-up of earwax. The water should be about the same temperature as your body. 

I, like many, started with the ear wax softening method. Irrigating your ear is a bit daunting. But once you've mustered the courage it's actually not difficult at all and worth the nerves. Thereafter, it's just a case of going for what works for you. 

Other Treatments for Removing Earwax

Ear Candling is often sold as a treatment for earwax build up. But the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) warns that these products are not safe. This treatment involves inserting a lit (yes as in on-fire) tube of fabric, which has been coated in paraffin or bees' wax, into your ear. The theory behind this, is that the suction produced will pull wax out of the ear canal. However, the FDA say that it can actually result in a number of harmful side effects: Burns to ear and face, perforated eardrum, bleeding, injuring due to dripping wax. 

Cotton Swabs are NOT for cleaning your ears! Despite this, many people use them, or hair pins, pencils, tweezers, paper clips and other potentially damaging items to clean their ears. The result is often the same. The ear drum is very easily reached with a cotton swab. And it is delicate. Very delicate. You can easily puncture your own ear drum (or you child's) with only a very gentle pressure. And this is very painful. Don't do it! Cotton swabs are good for cleaning intricate details on furniture and ornaments, the back of your hairdryer and your keyboard (PC or musical). But not for cleaning people! 

Please see the useful video below that explains what earwax is, and its function.

Detailed Reviews of the Best Earwax Removal Products

In one way or another, the common theme here is irrigation. We tried to like the earwax softening products. And although they were easier to use, they just weren't as effective. And the aim here is to get rid of ear wax! 

Elephant Ear Washer Bottle with 3 tips

Elephant Ear Washer Bottle

Don't let the name put you off! They are meant for people, not elephants! The elephant part refers to the long "elephant trunk" tube and plastic splash shield. This is what creates the water pressure that got this product to number one. It also comes with earwax softener. So is a two-in one! 


  • Safe to use: Eardrum protected by stopper on tub to prevent anything touching your eardrum. 
  • Includes earwax softener with hydrogen peroxide and water used in a mixture to flush out the ear. 
  • Spray bottle device used to ensure enough water pressure applied to remove wax from the ear. 

What's Good About It?

It is the most effective product out there. Safe, easy to use and the control over pressure was brilliant. I liked that you could "work your way up". So the first time I used the product I was more tentative, but not I am able to get the pressure my ears need without worrying what it will feel like. Because it is absolutely fine. A bit of an odd sensation, just as it is when your doctor does it. But it works really well! 

What Could Be Improved?

I wasn't impressed with the instructions that come in the packet. I had to search online for better instructions, which isn't ideal. You also need to buy the ear basin separately. 

Debrox Earwax Removal Kit

Debrox Drops Earwax Removal

Again this product is a combination irrigation and earwax softening drops. This is really easy to use. The peroxide drops are used which cleans the ear with microfoam. You use quite a lot - up to 10 drops in the affected ear. This is followed by a soft rubber bulb ear syringe to irrigate with warmed water. The pressure is set just by how hard you squeeze the bulb. 


  • Earwax softener that is safe, gentle and non-irritating
  • Easy to use irrigation with rubber bulb

What's Good About It?

I found this product really simple to use. I liked the drops being a foam as it seemed to provide better coverage to the ear canal than drops. The irrigation worked well with the bulb ear syringe, and thanks to the compact size is really easy to store. 

What Could Be Improved?

Without changing the design of the product, really nothing could be improved. I just felt that in using the product, I couldn't get the pressure I achieved with the Elephant Ear Washer Bottle. And while most of the time I don't need this pressure, when you do, it's great to have it on hand. 

Health Enterprises Ear Wax Removal Syringe

Health Enterprises Ear Wax Removal

This is an irrigation syringe. You can use ear wax softener (peroxide is recommended) but you'll need to buy this separately. This product came in third because of the design of the syringe. The tri-stream tip safely directs the fluid (water or water/peroxide mix) into your ear canal walls. The flared design of the tip prevents over insertion and so protects your eardrum. 


  • Tri-stream tip safely directs fluid to ear canal walls
  • Flared design prevents over-insertion
  • Can be used with or after ear wax softener

What's Good About It?

Really simple, great price and very safe. Great product for first time irrigators! 

What Could Be Improved?

All that I think would improve it, is if it came with some ear wax softener. Either to use before irrigation or to create a water/peroxide softening wash. I would absolutely recommend using this product with ear wax softener, so it would be great if it came included. 

Final Verdict on Best Ear Wax Removal Products

So I recommend you go for an irrigation product combined with a wax softener. And while I appreciate that the Elephant Ear Washer may be a little daunting (the name alone could put you off!) it really does a brilliant job. Even without ear wax softener. If you're worried about irrigating yourself, then either of the other recommended products would be a good place to start!  Whatever you do, you don't have to put up with ear wax and there are some great removal products available to do this yourself at home! 

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