Buyer’s Guide: The Best Electric Shaver for Men


Jun 16
best electric shaver for men

You’ve probably noticed that beards and various forms of facial hair are very trendy for men these days. The “lumberjack” look is popular especially amongst guys in their mid-20s. Despite this facial hair trend, it’s stil necessary to have a good electric shaver. While women are loving their men with beards, they still like them to be neatly groomed. Using a facial hair trimmer is the most effective way to do this. There are so many different options out on the market. However, not all men’s facial hair trimmers are created equal. That’s why we’re bringing you this guide! We’re taking the guesswork out of shopping and giving you the answers to the best electric shaver for men.

Best Electric Shavers Razors for Men

Best men’s electric shavers

The technology of electric shavers and razors is like a breath of fresh air for men in this world. These electric gadgets don’t require enough time to give you the best-desired shave. This technology comes in a small package but with so much power and reliability. There are so many brands in the market that provide excellent accuracy with close shaving. Best men’s electric shavers are reliable, accurate and comfortable at the same time with a rapid shaving technology. Some of these features are so advanced that normal man can’t even think of those. They can’t differentiate these high-level differences without having the first experience with these best rated electric shaver.

So, as an experienced professional with these super gadgets, I recommend you to first read different reviews about these trimmers and shavers. I have personally designed a user’s guide to help you guys to select the best men’s  electric shavers.

There are two categories of electric shavers on the basis of their working style.

Foil vs. rotary

Electric shavers are different with various innovative technologies to satisfy different needs. People usually ask about what to buy from these different technologies? My answer to them is to choose wisely and according to your requirements. Coming back to the difference between these shavers. Foil Shavers are usually more accurate than rotary shavers, they give smoothness, closeness and comes with a unique design.

On the other hand, rotary razors are more comfortable in comparison with foil razors. Their first introduction was made on the basis of giving a comfortable shaving but they are not as accurate as many men want them to be.

Whereas, foils are professionally expert in giving the closeness in shaving due to their blades sharpness and advanced technology. Here are some of the factors that will help you in your own comparison before purchasing these best electric shavers for men.

Easy to use and clean

Always make sure that the design of your electric shaver is easy to clean and use. Many shavers today comes with cleaning capabilities, a special dock is made to clean your shavers in seconds. You just have to put your electric shaver in that dock and press the cleaning button. Not all of them supports dock cleaning, but if you don’t want to do it manually choose the one that supports that feature.

LED light indicator

An electric shaver charger with a LED light indicator is a feature you definitely want to have as a user. This indicator will help you with the notification of low battery and when you plug in your charger.

Cordless shaving

Cordless shaving is an important factor to consider before making a decision. Rethink your usage style and demand, whether you can afford a corded shaver or you want to go with a cordless one.

Wet & Dry Technology

This technology enables you to use your shavers on wet hair or body. You can use your shaver either on dry skin or under your shower. Many men with sensitive skin prefer to use the gel or cream on the face, head or body before shaving. You can avoid irritation in this way. So, the addition of this feature clearly made an advantage for those men to use best electric shaver for sensitive skin.

Pop-up trimmer

A feature that is helpful for those who wants to trim their facial beards, mustaches, and for sideburn area. An integrated trimmer is added in the shaver to use in a difficult place like your genital area.

The best electric shaver for your skin and hair type

Finding the best electric shaver for your skin type can be a bit of a challenge. Men with sensitive skin have a lot of different options, but those with thicker hair can find it difficult to find a razor built for them. If you have thick, curly or more coarse hair, you’re going to need a very sharp razor. You also need one that shaves with excellent accuracy. These are some of our top picks for the best electric shavers if you have that hair type.

Braun Series 7 & 9

nl braun7 9

The Active Lift technology helps you to lift curly hair up from the skin for close shaving, and the pulsonic technology adjusts the vibrations to meet the needs of your particular unique skin type.

Panasonic Arc3



It works best as a trimmer, instead of an outmoded razor. The switchable length allows you to trim down your beard without going for a smooth shave every time.

Wahl Professional 8061 5-Star Brand

Wahl Professional 8061 shaver 730x400


The Wahl Professional is a shaver that gives a precise and close shave without causing skin annoyance that black men with sensitive skin frequently face. It “bump-free” technology helps to pick up hair and prevent ingrown hairs.

Phillips Norelco PowerTouch Razor



The Phillips Norelco PowerTouch is one of the cheap shavers in the market with under 100$ price, but it gives a smooth and clean shave without annoying your skin. This shaver can be very helpful for African-American skin, as it saves your budget and the blades work in different directions. This shaver also works as the best electric shaver for bald head.

These latest technology razors have the highest ratings and used by many black men. They all work very well for sensitive skin and with special shaving requirements and they all work very well with dry or wet skin.

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