Reviews of the Best Hair Clippers for Men


Dec 02
best hairclippers for men

Hair clippers are great for upkeep of your hair. They are so flexible; can be used on face, body as well as for the hair on your head. But with so many different styles of clippers and trimmers, finding the best clippers for you can be confusing. While they all do the same job there are differences. And in general, the more professional the clippers, the more you'll spend. We've reviewed the best clippers available, so take a look at what our testers thought. 

The Best 3 Hair Clippers for Men

Whether you're looking for a cordless set of clippers, a vacuum kit or a product with all the trimmings (pardon the pun), there's something for everyone with our top 3. 


Philips Norelco HC7452/41 7100 Hair Clipper

( 4.2 out of 5.0 )

  • 120 Minutes Cordless Use
  • 24 Length Settings
  • Titanium Blades
  • Turbo Boost
  • May lack power for very thick hair


Remington HKVAC2000A Vacuum Haircut Kit

( 4.5 out of 5.0 )

  • Vacuum and Cutting Dual Motors
  • High Speed Fan
  • XL Hair Chamber
  • Precision Ground Blades
  • 18 Piece Kit
  • Vacuum is loud


Babyliss FX811 Pro X2 Ferrari Cordless Clipper

( 4.2 out of 5.0 )

  • Titanium Coated Blade
  • Ergonomically Designed
  • 4 Cutting Positions
  • Cord or Cordless: Up to 3 hours cordless time
  • Includes only the basic accessories

Why Buy Hair Clippers for Men? 

Fed up of spending your hard earned cash at the barbers? Or just plain don't want to spend your time getting there, queueing for the pleasure of getting your hair clipped? I mean, really. How hard can it be? For most folk, not that hard at all. Which is why so many people are now buying their own clippers and doing their own hair. It really isn't that tricky, especially if you start off with a simple style and a decent set of clippers.

  • Save money even if you invest in a high end set of clippers, you'll soon have saved enough to cover the cost by not going to the barbers
  • Timing to suit you. No more do you have to waste your Saturday mornings getting to the barbers. You can just cut your hair when suits you. And wherever suits you
  • More than just your head......clippers often come with extra attachments so you can trim your beard or body with the same set. 

And if you don't fancy giving it a go yourself, you'd be surprised the number of people who'll happily give you a haircut if you provide the clippers! You can choose the specific length for your hair so they, or you, can't really go wrong. 

What to Look Out for When Buying Hair Clippers for Men

There are quite a few points to consider. If you're a novice you should look for a product that's easy to use and has lots of attachments to create the length you want. In evaluating the products we tried, we considered the following factors: 

  • Performance: By this we mean how easy the product is to use, whether it allows you to add extra attachments, how ergonomically the clippers are designed for ease of use for and how well they work on thick as well as thinner hair. 
  • Accessories: After a while, and with a bit of practice, you may want to start experimenting with the length and style of your hair. To do this you'll need different attachments. Different clippers come with different attachments to allow different lengths and looks to easily be achieved. The best clippers will come with taper accessories for around the ears and blending tools to give hair an even look
  • Design: The higher end clippers now come as cordless, or cordless or corded. This is great when cutting your own hair; you'd be surprised how easy it is to get tangled in the cord! But it's important that you don't lose out on power with a cordless clipper. The best clippers will give you full power even when cordless. 

[ Youtube video explaining what to look out for when buying product ]

If you've decided to get your own clippers, you won't go wrong with any of our top three products. All of them score well on all categories and will ensure a great look even for a novice. 

A Guide to Cutting your Hair with Clippers

There are a few things to remember when using clippers on your own hair. It isn't difficult, and don't let this put you off. But for the best cut remember our top tips

  • ?Use on clean hair that is tangle-free.
  • Remember to set the cutting length you require.
  • When using more than one grade, start with the longest and work down to the shortest. Do this in sections so you know which hair is yet to be cut.  
  • Always hold the clippers against your hair. The teeth of the guide will be pointing upwards and be flat against your head.
  • You should move the clipper upwards and outwards through your hair. Work a little at a time against the direction of the hair's growth.
  • Don't force the clippers through your hair. Let them work at their own pace. 
  • Don't switch the clippers off whilst in your hair. 
  • When achieving a longer look, try using a barber comb to lift the hair and then clip over the comb. 
  • When tidying up and applying the finishing touches to the base of your neck and sideburns, remember to remove the clipper's comb guide. 

Detailed Reviews of the Best Hair Clippers

We would absolutely recommend each of our top three. They all give a great results, are easy to use and come with the accessories you'll need when styling your hair. 

Remington HKVAC2000A Vacuum Haircut Kit

A brilliant set of clippers. It does everything you'd want. Is easy to use, comes with 6 length combs, barber scissors but also has a vacuum chamber. This means that your hair doesn't fly all over the place once clipped. It's simply sucked into the chamber so you get no mess. 


  • Precision Ground Blades stay sharp for clean cuts.
  • Dual Motor Power which independently power the fan and cutting system for great performance. 
  • Removable hair chamber which collects hair as it cuts. Really simple to detach and clean. 
  • High Speed Fan. This creates high speed airflow through the hair chamber while trimming for maximum suction. 

What's Good About It?

It comes with everything you'd expect in terms of length cutters, tapers and scissors. But on top of this it's also cordless, has a vacuum for no mess haircuts and is still powerful enough to give you a great cut no matter how thick your hair. A brilliant set of clippers for anyone doing their own hair from a novice to an expert. You'll love these clippers, and if you happen to have a son and need some inspiration on how you can put this clipper to good use, you have to check out these ?boys haircuts.

What Could Be Improved?

There is a price to pay for this product. It's the noise. The vacuum is not quiet. This isn't a major fault, and we still rank this set of clippers at number 1.

Philips Norelco HC7452/41 7100 Hair Clippers

This Lithium Ion Cordless Power clipper really performs. It has cordless power, a lithium ion battery and turbo boost. It comes with titanium blades and an adjustable comb for all the lengths you need. 


  • Double-sharpened cutting element for reduced friction. It's designed to perform time after time, and cuts hair fast. 
  • Self-sharpening titanium blades for extra durability. So you get long-lasting performance and accurate cutting. 
  • Easy to select and lock in 24 length settings. Designed for flexibility and easy storage. You don't need to use different clipper heads, just adjust the comb to select and lock the length you want. There's 1mm between each length from 0.5mm to 23mm. 
  • 120 minutes of cordless use after a 1 hour charge. The lithium battery comes into its own here. 120 minutes of cordless power after just one hour of charging. 
  • Need to go faster? There's a Turbo Boost Button to speed up your cutting speed. Great for thicker hair. 
  • Quick release blades for easy cleaning. Just wash under the tap. 

What's Good About It?

Brilliant quality clippers and great value. The product is easy to use and great on all types of hair. We love the comb adjustment dial and turbo boost for thicker hair. 

What Could Be Improved?

Although great for most of our reviewers, we did find that on very thick hair the product was a little too lightweight. 

Babyliss FX811 Pro X2 Ferrari Cordless Clipper

Really found this product great. As the only one in our top three to offer corded and cordless, you know you will always have the power you need with an easy to use and precision cutting set of clippers. 


  • Corded/Cordless
  • Up to 3 hours cordless running time
  • 100-240V auto voltage conversion - great if you're travelling
  • Precision cutting blade - titanium coated
  • Easy to use, lightweight, ergonomic design
  • 4 cutting positions

What's Good About It?

A great pair of clippers to use. Feel very lightweight yet powerful. The blades also stay sharp, so you have a powerful, easy to use set of clippers that will last with lengths from 1 to 8. 

What Could Be Improved?

What you get all works brilliantly. It only lacks on accessories such as barber scissors and no taper control below 1.2mm

Final Verdict on Best Clippers for Men

Although all three are great, the combination of a powerful engine, sharp blades and vacuum of the Remington just about edged this set of clippers into first place.