Best Hair Dryer for Women


Mar 15
Best Hair Dryer for Women

A hair dryer is more than a tool used to dry hair; it is an essential beauty tool in a woman’s arsenal. The wrong hair dryer can leave hair crippled and excessively dry; therefore, selecting the right one does matter.

Assessing the Price

Some hair dryers cost as little as $15, while there are others that go well over the $500 mark. Some dryers are prone to leaving hair frizzy, while others offer smooth, shiny finishes.

Remember, the price does not always dictate the quality or the outcome of the hair dryer.

Top 3 Hair Dryers for Women

Those looking for a new hair dryer will have a plethora of options. Most of these are sold in stores, but some are only available online.

Conair Ionic Turbo Styler

Best Hair Dryer for WomenThe Ionic Styler from Conair is affordable, but also highly effectively. It will not leave a woman’s hair dry and frizzy and gets the job done quickly.

What is Great About It

The Conair Ionic Turbo Styler is dependable, user-friendly, and is surprisingly powerful for the small size.

What Could be Improved?

While excellently priced, this Conair unit seems to have a short lifespan. For some, it can go out in as little as a few months, while for others it lasts for years.

BaByliss Pro TT Tourmaline 5000 Dryer

Best Hair Dryer for WomenFor those that want a professional finish, the BaByliss Pro TT is ideal. It offers an incredible speed, great heat, and even a cool shot of air.

What is Great About It?

This dryer heats evenly and distributes the air without over-drying. It does not leave hair frizzy, and most can dry their hair in as little as ten minutes. The cool shot feature sends a burst of cold air that sets hairstyles into place. It is also excellent for thick hair, and it gives a shiny, healthier appearance with use.

What Could be Improved?

The price tag is hard for some consumers to swallow, coming in at just over $120.

Chi Rocket Dryer

Best Hair Dryer for WomenAnother professional hair dryer, this unit cuts drying time in half and does not frizz.

What is Great About It?

The Chi Rocket Dryer is a professional hair dryer that offers salon results.  There is no worrying about the dryer heating up the bathroom or frizzing up hair either. It is extremely lightweight and ideal for those with sensitive, fine hair.

What Could be Improved?

There are limited settings on the Chi Rocket Dryer, and considering the price is over $150, some would expect more features.

Which is the Best Dryer?

All three offer excellent drying; however, those that want a more professional experience may like the Chi or BaByliss models more than the affordable Conair version. However, Conair is extremely affordable, and for those on a limited budget, it may be easier to pay under $30 for a reliable hair dryer and then not be too upset if they must replace it within a year.