Best Heated Eyelash Curler Reviews


Dec 03
best heated eyelash curler

Eyelashes that stand out really complete your look. A lot of us would love to have naturally long, thick, upturned lashes. Unfortunately most of us don't. But there are ways to make your lashes really pop, and one of them is using a heated eyelash curler. We have had a go at many of the best heated eyelash curlers around, and they make a huge difference. Read on to find out more. 

The Best 3 Heated Eyelash Curlers

We loved all of these products and each one definitely gave our testers longer lasting curled lashes. 


Hitachi HR 550 W White Eyelash Curler

( 4.2 out of 5.0 )

  • Takes 10 seconds to warm up and 5 seconds to curl lashes
  • Works along the length of the eyelashes in one sweeping action
  • User guide instructions were quite confusing


Panasonic Double Action Heated Eyelash Curler

( 3.8 out of 5.0 )

  • Gentle double action heat
  • Curl Smoothly from Base to Tip with Dual Curved Pods
  • Most Expensive


Eyecurl II Heated Eyelash Curler with Brush 

( 4.0 out of 5.0 )

  • Automatic Temperature Control
  • Low Battery Warning
  • Wand design not as effective on thinner eyelashes

Why Buy a Heated Eyelash Curler? 

There are numerous ways that you can try to achieve the perfect curled eyelashes. We've had a look at the options here:

  • Manual Eyelash Curler: These are probably the curler that most people have tried. Scissor-handled with a clamp on the end, they work by bending the eyelashes upwards in the clamp. This creates the illusion of thicker, longer lashes. You'll most likely want to use mascara with a manual eyelash curler to maximise the look and increase the time that your lashes remain curled. Typically with a traditional curler results may last for a few hours to a day depending on the natural length and texture of your lashes. 
  • Fake Lashes: Some love them, others hate them. But there's no denying, done right they absolutely enhance your eyes. There is a but. Actually a few buts, that make this far from an every-day part of most of our beauty regimes. Firstly they are quite fiddly. I for one don't fancy trying to attach them successfully in the morning before work. Glue + Eye + Hurry is not a recipe for success! Secondly this can be an expensive option. At around $10 for a pair, you will want to reuse them. And you can up to around 10 times. BUT they need to be cleaned, and as they will be covered in make-up and glue making cleaning without damaging them a bit tricky. 
  • Natural Remedies to Boost your Lashes: There are various remedies you can try to actually increase the length of your lashes. Most of them involve massaging your lashes with various ointments, from castor oil, coconut oil to lavender oil. Results are mixed. It may be worth trying but this is not a quick fix and if you do see any results, it will be upwards of a few months before it is noticeable.
  • Heated Eyelash Curlers: We'll take a look at how these work in more detail in the next section. For us though, this is the best compromise from all the options available. It's relatively quick working and long lasting without costing a fortune in the long run as your heated eyelash curler will last a long time if you look after it. 

So although there are other options, our favourite is definitely the heated eyelash curler. You just need to get over any fear about heat being near your eye. But don't worry, it's not like your eyelash curler will heat to the temperature of your hair straighteners. This is a much more gentle process. 

What to Look Out for When Buying a Heated Eyelash Curler

Eyelash curlers are all battery operated, but there are some differences in design. Much of this will be down to personal choice. 

  • Wand Design: These kind of resemble a very tiny hair curling wand! 
  • Heated Clamp Design: Works much like the regular eyelash curler, but the pad are heated. 
  • Mascara Before or After: Check the manufacturer's guidance notes, some work with mascara before, others after heating.

You also need to consider the best way to use your heated eyelash curler for long lasting results. We've got some tips below. 

Tips for Getting the Most from your Heated Eyelash Curler

Firstly make sure you apply all of your make-up, and eye make-up before you use the eyelash curler. (With the exception of mascara if you go for a curler which is to be used before mascara).

If using a wand heated eyelash curler, place the comb onto the lash line above lashes and lightly lift and pull the comb through the lashes in the same way that you apply mascara. One the curler wand reaches the tips of the eyelash it should be held there for three seconds. You can repeat this process until you get the desired long curled lash look. No pinching, tugging around the eye and very easy to do. You can use the wand style curler again if you need to refresh your look in the evening (and want to look extra sexy) and do so with mascara on. 

For the lever or clamp style heating eyelash curler, this work in a very similar way to the traditional clamp style non-heated curler. One difference though is the way that the curler closes. Instead of squeezing your two fingers together to seal the mechanism (scissor-style), you slide the lever on the front of the curler upwards until the pads are clamped on the eyelashes. Then just wait for 10-15 seconds, release and remove the devise from your lashes. Again, you can repeat this process until desired look is achieved.

We recommend going for rechargeable batteries, and maybe having two sets so when your batteries run out you're not left having to wait for them to recharge. 

Detailed Reviews of the Best Heated Eyelash Curler

Like we said, the design is up to you and your personal preference. We've reviewed the heated eyelash curlers and considered ease of use and how long-lasting the look created is.

Panasonic Double Action Heated Eyelash Curler

A clamp style curler that gives brilliant lasting results and we found easy to use. 


  • Gentle double-action heat
  • Curls smoothly from base to tip with dual curved pads
  • Long lasting curl with or without mascara
  • Protects and cushions lashes with smooth silicone pads

What's Good About It?

Of all the products, this one was the one that we found curled the best. So one go on each eye, no need to repeat for the look to be achieved. It lasted about 4 hours without mascara and 6 hours with. A great product. 

What Could Be Improved?

Really only the price. It was the most expensive, although not unfairly. It is worth it but is a slightly larger investment. 

Hitachi HR-550-W White Eyelash Curler

A clamp style curler that gives great results. To get the extra oomph in your lashes, we used it a couple of times before being happy with the look. 


  • Double Heat Pads
  • Torch feature included to light up the area you're curling 
  • Battery life indicator

What's Good About It?

Very similar in design to the Panasonic. And it was easy to use and long lasting. The main difference is that we found we had to use it twice to achieve the look we were after. 

What Could Be Improved?

The product comes with a user guide. And it isn't the best written. It's a little over complicated and not that clear. This could definitely be improved. If you go for this one, check out guides online with videos to see how to use this style of heated eyelash curler. 

Eyecurl II Heated Eyelash Curler with Brush 

This wand style heated eyelash curler comes with a brush and is battery operated. If you're looking for a wand style this is the best we've found. Great results and long lasting. 


  • Portable Hot Brush Eyelash Curler with Brush
  • Battery Operated
  • Separates Lashes thanks to Brush Design. 

What's Good About It?

It's designed to give your lashes a very natural, gentle upwards curl. You apply after mascara (once completely dried) and brush your eyelashes upwards. We did really love this product, but found it to be not quite such a dramatic look as with the others in our top three. If this sounds like the look you want, you won't go far wrong with this heated eyelash curler. 

What Could Be Improved?

Perhaps due to the slightly more subtle look this product creates, we did find that our reviewers with thinner eyelashes struggled to get a long lasting curl. 

Final Verdict on Best Heated Eyelash Curler

We would recommend any of our top three, depending on your own preferences. They all give a great look, and if this is the first time you've bought a heated eyelash curler, we think you'll never look back! The Panasonic is our number one for ease of use, effectiveness and longevity. A great product.