Best Kitchen Knife Set Reviews


Jan 31
Best Kitchen Knife Set Reviews

Sometimes it feels that you could fill your kitchen with so many gadgets and gizmos you wouldn't have room to do any actual cooking! But one thing every kitchen needs (and just ask any chef), is a good set of knives. But there are so many options to suit all budgets that choosing the right set can be a real challenge. We've had a look at what's available and have come up with a guide to help you choose the best kitchen knife set for you.

The Best 3 Kitchen Knife Sets

When testing our knives out, we considered durability, value for money and also look. Most of us have our sets of knives on the kitchen counter, so they need to look good too! You'll notice that we have stainless steel knives and ceramic knives in our top 3; keep reading to learn about what this means and whether there's any differences between the two types of material. 


Checkered Chef Ceramic Kitchen Knife Set

( 4.6 out of 5.0 )

  • Ceramic blades never need sharpening
  • Comfort grip-handles extend below the base of the blade to protect fingers
  • Will not corrode or rust and resist bacteria
  • Can chip as ceramic is a little brittle


Stainless Steel Kitchen 6 Knife Set by Utopia Kitchen

( 4.8 out of 5.0 )

  • Solid one piece stainless steel design
  • Blades made from 420 grade 3Cr13 stainless steel
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Tarnish resistant, rust resistant, easy to clean
  • Can go in the dishwasher, but clean better by hand
  • Requires regular sharpening


Ginsu 7108 Chikara 8 Piece Stainless Steel Knife Set

( 4.3 out of 5.0 )

  • Includes 5 knives, a pair of scissors and a knife sharpener
  • Rust-resistant stainless steel
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Handwash only

Why Buy a Kitchen Knife Set

Knives are the most important tool in your armoury in the kitchen. And while you can just use a selection of knives you've acquired over the years, it is great to have a matching set, especially of high quality and value knives. 

  • A set of Knives looks great in a block on your kitchen counter
  • You do need more than one knife!  Most sets come with at least 4 knives, and that is about right. You need smaller knives for more precision cutting, a larger knife for the big jobs, and a pair of scissors can be really useful for food preparation too! 

What to Look Out for When Buying a Kitchen Knife Set

There are a number of things to think about, let's take a look at the main things you may want to consider: 

  • Blade Material: The two options you have are stainless steel and ceramic. We'll discuss the pros and cons of each in the next section. 
  • Storage: Many kitchen knife sets come with some kind of storage element. That may be a traditional block made from wood, or a more contemporary design such as a magnetised glass screen or plastic or metal holder. In fact they come in a range of colors and designs to suit every kitchen from contemporary to modern, traditional to funky. 
  • All in one blade and handle vs. separate: Some knives will be made with the blade and handle from one piece of material; be in steel or ceramic. This has the advantage of meaning handles will never fall off. But does limit the design "look". 

[ Youtube video explaining what to look out for when buying product ]

Above all, remember that your kitchen knife set will most likely be a feature of your kitchen. Make sure you go for a set that fits with the overall look of the kitchen and even make a feature of the knives. There are some great designs out there! 

Stainless Steel vs. Ceramic Knives

A ceramic knife sounds an odd concept doesn't it? But they are actually very popular and are made by dry pressing zirconia powder and firing at a very high temperature (up to 1000 degrees!) This produces a blade that is sharpened by grinding it on a diamond wheel giving you a very hard edged blade that rarely if ever needs sharpening. Stainless steel blades on the other hand are made from alloys. Typically carbon, iron and chromium. The stainless steel coating prevents the knife from rusting. 

Ceramic Knife Pros 

  • Sharper than steel knives
  • Non-porous and will not corrode
  • Very little knife sharpening required, if at all
  • Almost impossible to stain

Ceramic Knife Cons

  • They can be brittle. Take particular care when storing and dishwashing
  • Although they may never need it, if they do need sharpening you'll probably be better off taking them to a professional; they're very difficult to do yourself
  • Not recommended to press garlic or cut through bones. Avoid carving, prying and boning due to ceramic knives' brittle nature

Stainless Steel Knife Pros

  • Versatile, no concern about brittleness
  • Can give a very sharp edge when sharpened regularly
  • Stain resistant- not quite to the level of ceramic knives, but to a high standard
  • Can go through the dishwasher without concerns about damaging the steel

Stainless Steel Cons

  • Need to be frequently sharpened, although you can do this yourself at home
  • Made from porous material and therefore can be a site for bacteria and odors
  • Blade unlikely to ever be as sharp as a ceramic knife

Our top three has two stainless steel knife sets, and one ceramic. Both are great choices, as long as they suit you. I'd say for certain tasks that ceramic knives are better (cutting fruit, vegetables, cheese, bread etc.), but for an all-rounder, stainless steel is probably the way to go, particularly if you do a reasonable amount of butchery or carving at home. 

Detailed Reviews of the Best Kitchen Knife Set

Our top three will suit a range of budgets, are suitable for gifts and offer something for everyone. Above all they're all great knives to work with in the kitchen. Enjoy! 

Stainless Steel Kitchen 6 Knife Set with Acrylic Stand by Utopia Kitchen

Lovely set of kitchen knives. Suits anyone who wants an all-rounder with a contemporary look. Extremely good value for a great quality set of knives. 


  • Solid one piece stainless steel design
  • 5 knives and acrylic stand included: 8" chef knife, 8" bread knife, 8" carving knife, 5" utility knife, 3.5" paring knife
  • Tarnish and rust resistant and easy to clean and store. 

What's Good About It?

These are safe, durable and quality blades that didn't dull very easily at all. If you're not happy with them (we think you probably will be!), you can send them back for a 30 day no questions asked refund. 

What Could Be Improved?

If you clean these in the dishwasher, rust spots could occur over time. 

Checkered Chef Ceramic Kitchen Knife Set

We needed to include a ceramic set, as many people love ceramic. These are really great value, look fantastic in the holder and are really easy to use with comfort-grip handles. 


  • Extremely sharp blades for precision cutting
  • Ceramic knives are a better value option. You get high quality but at a lower price than you would for the equivalent design of stainless steel. The raw materials and production costs are just lower! 
  • Includes a free pair of stainless steel scissors

What's Good About It?

If you use these knives as they are intended (see section on pros and cons of ceramic knives) then this is a great knife set. And not only that, they also look great in the holder. 

What Could Be Improved?

They are quite lightweight, which some of our testers loved, others not at all. 

Ginsu 7108 Chikara 8 Piece Stainless Steel Knife Set with Bamboo Block

Now this is our most expensive set of kitchen knives. And it is lovely, if you want to spend a bit more money. Really with this set, they will last and last, and are up for any kitchen knife job you may have! 


  • Traditional rounded handles in the Japanese style. Made of heat and water-resistant resin. 
  • Rust resistant stainless steel blades which do hold an incredibly sharp edge
  • Lifetime warranty

What's Good About It?

Any job in the kitchen is covered with these knives - chopping, slicing and dicing. They are up to the task. The 8 piece set includes a 3 1/2 paring knife, a 5" utility knife, 5" serrated knife, 7" santoku knife and an 8" chef's knife. On top of that you also get a brilliant pair of stainless steel scissors and sharpening rod along with a bamboo holder. A great set of knives, which if cared for will last a lifetime. 

What Could Be Improved?

We think these knives are great. But they aren't cheap. So possibly more suitable as a wedding gift list or a time when you really want to treat yourself! 

Final Verdict on Best Kitchen Knife Set

We went for the more value stainless steel set. They give you a great all-around performance and at a reasonable price. We loved the storage holder for a contemporary look too.