Best LED Replacement Lightbulbs


Feb 01
Best LED Replacement Lightbulbs

LED bulbs offer maximum light with a more daylight-like appearance. They are also extremely energy-efficient. While they do come with a higher price tag for replacement, these bulbs last years longer than the average lightbulb and when the energy savings is added in, they almost pay for themselves.

Why LED Lightbulbs?

LED bulbs are safer, and much cooler than traditional incandescent bulbs. Therefore, they remain cool to the touch no matter how long they are running. Also, their cooler temperatures reduce the chances for combustion.

These bulbs are also much studier. They have epoxy lenses instead of glass; so, they do not break as easily.

Lastly, they save a homeowner significantly on energy costs.

Top 3 LED Replacement Lightbulbs for Home

A few years ago, there were only a few manufacturers of LED lightbulbs. However, today, there are dozens of manufacturers as well as models to choose from. Those looking for replacement bulbs will find that they vary in pricing, but the top three currently selling today offer the best lighting experience and price.


Best LED Replacement LightbulbsThis bulb replaces the traditional 100W bulb in the home. It gets everything right in terms of energy consumption and brightness, and it is conveniently located in most home improvement and supply stores.

What is Good About It?

This is one of the most efficient 100W replacements on the market. It offers a 10-year warranty from the manufacturer; therefore, the cost of each bulb pays for itself over a decade of use.

What Needs Improvement?

The color rendered by this bulb is just average. There are other models that cost less and have better color.

Cree 60W Replacement

Best LED Replacement LightbulbsThis bulb is designed to replace the 60W incandescent bulb. It offers extreme value compared to other models, but still with the classic LED look.

What is Good About It?

This flagship bulb from Cree offers exceptional performance and lighting color that is close to daylight. The efficiency is superior and it also offers a 10-year warranty.

What Needs Improvement?

This bulb is not as bright as others of similar price, and it does buzz slightly when used on a dimmer.

Osram 60W Replacement

Best LED Replacement LightbulbsThe Osram bulb replaces 60W incandescent bulbs and only costs $10, which is an affordable replacement.

What is Good About It?

The Osram units are bright, and they work excellent in homes with dimmers and recessed lighting. They also offer an efficient design.

What Needs Improvement?

The color score is lower than other LEDs on the market, and it does not have the same warranty like other LED bulbs.

Which Wins?

For those that want a bulb that lasts forever and offers excellent lighting, the Cree and GE models are best. However, those on a tight budget that want a bright, daylight appearance can easily purchase the Osram replacement bulbs and be just as satisfied.