Best Massage Chair? Top 5 Revealed

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May 13
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Massage chairs are possibly one of the best inventions for those who love a good spa day but don’t want to spend all their time at a salon or spa location.

A massage chair is the closest thing that you can have to your own personal masseuse.

These large and luxurious chairs are the ideal choice for anyone who deals with chronic aches and pains, or for those who simply want to de-stress and be pampered.

5 Benefits Of Owning A Massage Chair

As you can imagine, there are many benefits associated with owning a massage chair. Here are some of the best that you can’t afford to miss out on.

Massage Chairs Reduce Stress And Anxiety

Several studies have shown the benefits that massage therapy can have on an individual who suffers from stress or feelings of anxiety. These studies have concluded that massage therapy can significantly reduce stress on both physical and psychological levels.

In today’s society where stress and anxiety are an epidemic, if something as simple as a massage has been proven to help alleviate these issues, anyone regardless of their stress level should be able to benefit from using a massage chair.

Massage Chairs Relax And Loosen Sore And Stiff Muscles

Any time that you overexert your body, it can cause your muscles to tense up and become stiff. These are signals that our body’s use to help prevent us from overdoing it. But so many times, we fail to listen and therefore end up in pain.

Using a massage chair can help to reduce the pain, stiffness and tension associated with overworked muscles. And with it being located right in your home, you will have quick and easy access to this easy form of pain relief any time you want it.

Massage Chairs Can Improve Blood Flow

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There are two components of a massage chair that help to improve blood flow. The mechanized massage that you get from the chair which involves kneading, tapping, gripping and rolling to help give your blood circulation a boost.

The second component of a massage chair that improves circulation is the zero gravity feature that is available on most premium quality chairs. It helps by allowing blood to reach various parts of your body that would normally be inhibited.

When you improve your blood circulation, you help to speed up your recovery from injuries, stimulate the endorphins that help your body cope with stress and pain and also eliminate toxins from the body.

Mobilize Lymphatic Circulation

Our lymphatic system is very important as it works along with our body’s blood flow. This system is a drainage network that works to keep the fluid in our bodies balanced. It also helps to fight off harmful infections.

While the lymphatic system works to pump fluid from our body, there is no actual pump to force the movement from one location to another. It is only capable of moving fluid when we breathe and when our muscles contract.

Therefore, individuals who do not get up and move around often will have fluids that collect in various parts of the body (such as the feet and ankles) and may cause inflammation to occur.

Individuals with these issues who use a massage chair and their chair’s recline or zero gravity feature, are able to move the fluids around their body much easier. This helps them to combat inflammation and various diseases.

Decompress And Improve Spine Alignment

Massage chairs that also have a zero gravity feature can offer this great benefit to users. Some of the higher-end massage chairs will have a setting that can also help to re-align the spine if needed. This can help to alleviate back pain and also reduce pain in the arms, torso and shoulders.

Our Buyer’s Guide For The Best Massage Chair

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There are several things that you should look for when it comes to buying the best massage chair. Here are a few of the components and features that you will want to learn about the most before you buy.

Massage Functions

A lower-end massage chair or pad will only offer you some basic vibration settings and possibly a rolling massage. But when you choose to buy a high-end massage chair, you get introduced to a large variety of new and different features that can help relieve stress and eliminate pain. These features may include shiatsu, reflexology, inversion therapy, zero gravity, and heat.

Massage Rollers

Any time that you decide to buy a massage chair, you will want to find one that includes a broad range of rollers. Some massage chair models will even offer customized rollers or rollers that are of different widths and heights.

Heated Massage

The more advanced massage chairs will feature the option of a heated massage seat or back. By including this infrared heat to your massage, the effects become even more effective. You will add more relaxation to your muscles as they become less tense and stiff.

Recline Function

Many of the higher quality massage chairs available these days will have a variety of recline options to offer. One of the most popular being the Zero Gravity feature which allows the user to recline back and experience the feeling of weightlessness similar to what astronauts experience in space. It places your body in a gravity-neutral position. That helps to lower your heart rate, reduce tension and improve blood circulation.

The 5 Best Massage Chairs Out There

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A great massage chair can help you to reduce stress, improve circulation, and eliminate pain from sore and stiff muscles. Here are our suggestions for the five best massage chairs that are currently available to purchase.



Electric Full Body Massage Chair Osaki OS - TW Pro 3 Foot Rollers,...
  • Made in Taiwan, Kneading Massage, Foot Roller Massage
  • 3 Stage Zero Gravity, Auto Body Scanning, Lumbar & Hands Heating Therapy
  • Space Saving Design, 4 sets of Auto Massage Program

The Electric Full Body Massage Chair by Osaki OS – TW Chiro offers 3D massage for deep tissue precision. It features 3D wavelet, 3DTapping and 3D Kneading that helps to eliminate stress from the body.

There are 16 automatic programs in all that also include stretch tapping, whole body stretching, leg stretching waist compression massage and many other pre-installed programs. This powerful massage chair features three levels of width, five levels of air intensity, and seven levels of strength.

The Electric Full Body Massage Chair by Osaki OS – TW Chiro is currently available to purchase on Amazon.



Relaxation Luxury Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair OLYMPIA (Choco...
  • Extended Reach L-shaped Massage Track: The Daiwa Olympia features...
  • Zero Gravity Recliner: The Zero-Gravity Recline shifts the angle to one...
  • Lumber Heat Therapy: The therapeutic heat feature gently warms the...

The Relaxation Massage Chair Olympia is a higher end massage chair that is extremely powerful and luxurious. You will get to enjoy that spa getaway feeling right in the comfort of your own home when you purchase this top-rated product.

This Relaxation Massage Chair has 40 airbags to keep you comfortable. It reclines easily and offers zero-gravity mode to help re-align your spine. It offers a variety of positions that allow you to further elevate your legs or relieve the stress on your back muscles.

The Relaxation Massage Chair Olympia is currently available to purchase on Amazon.



3D Kahuna Exquisite Rhythmic Massage Chair Hubot HM-078 (Champaign)
  • Exquisite massage chair that professionally crafted with detail finish
  • Hubot promises to provide ultimate rejuvenation and ecstatic relaxation for...
  • Powerful 3D performance with KMS-08M-225L Massage System with high...

The Exquisite Rhythmic HSL Track Kahuna Massage Chair is one of the very best massage chairs on the market. Along with its sleek and professional-grade appearance, this chair features the pulsating HSL-Track Kahuna style massage. This type of massage will help to immediately eliminate stress and pain from the body.

This massage chair is designed to help you realign your spine while it relaxes your muscles and helps you relax after a long day. If you are looking for a reliable massage chair that will work as advertised, this is the product for you.

The Exquisite Rhythmic HSL Track Kahuna Massage Chair is currently available to purchase on Amazon.



RELAXONCHAIR [MK-II Plus] Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair...
  • BUTTLOCK L-TRACKING MASSAGE SYSTEM: The rollers glide from the upper back...

The Relaxonchair Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair is a revolutionary product that can help you eliminate pain and stress. This massage chair has been redesigned and upgraded to now include one-hand operation and gentle yet firm massage rollers. This chair features reduced airbag pressure for the arm and calf areas, and four unique auto massage programs to help you feel relaxed after a long day at work.

The Relaxonchair offers three-stage ultra-automatic zero gravity features that allow you to elevate your feet to the same level as your heart to maximize circulation and eliminate edema.

The Relaxonchair Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair is currently available to purchase on Amazon.



Zyllion Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager Cushion Pad with Soothing Heat...
  • CUSTOMIZABLE MASSAGE RELIEF: Adjust the position of the massage rollers to...
  • NOT JUST FOR YOUR BACK: The ZMA14 massager features an extra set of shiatsu...
  • ULTIMATE COMFORT: Use our massage cushion to make any chair the best seat...

The Zyllion Massage Chair is a stylish and sophisticated massage chair that is priced significantly less than many other massage chairs on the market. Yet it offers the same level of comfort and support for those in need of stress and pain relief.

This chair has an exterior made from strong polyurethane material. It features a compact design that fits anywhere in your home. The unique flex guide duo massage engine allows you to enjoy soothing massage therapy for a relaxing and stress relieving experience.

The Zyllion  Massage Chair is currently available to purchase on Amazon.

How We Choose Our Ratings And Why You Should Trust Our Ratings

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We understand what a huge investment a massage chair can be. And that means we also know that our readers want to find the very best massage chair on the market that will suit their needs and their budget. Buying such a high-tech and expensive item can be daunting. You want to make sure you know all the facts about your purchase, but you may not have the time to spend doing all the research needed to gather this information.

That is why our team takes the time to gather the facts for you and provide you with the details you need to make a well-informed decision.

We have spent hours reading up on honest customer reviews and ratings just to find out which is the very best massage chair out there. Then we take the information that we found and put it all together in this helpful review and buyers guide.

We want you to enjoy the luxurious benefits of owning your very own massage chair, without worrying about whether or not you made a good investment. So check out our recommendations for the best massage chair on the market and make a worthwhile decision for your health and overall well-being.

Which Is The Best Massage Chair For You?

Finding the right massage chair involves doing plenty of research. There are many great models of massage chairs out there these days for you to choose from, but only one will be the perfect one to suit your needs and your budget.

Instead of spending countless hours reading up on hundreds of customer reviews, take our advice and check out our helpful ratings and recommendations. We hope that you find the best massage chair that will help you relax and unwind.