What are the Best Weight Lifting Gloves?


Mar 13
Best Weight Lifting Gloves

Wearing weight lifting gloves is something that divides people quite evenly. I'd say of the guys and girls who work out with weights, half wear gloves, half use chalk. There are definitely advantages and disadvantages to wearing weightlifting gloves; from grip issues, calluses and blisters to relieving pressure and wrist support. We'll take a look at all of these and more in this review. We'll also give our top three best weight lifting gloves. So if you've decided that they are the way forward to you, then look no further for the best weight lifting gloves around. 

The Best 3 Weight Lifting Gloves

In reviewing the best weight lifting? g?loves, we've consider a few different criteria: Grip, durability, fit, ability to reduce pressure and calluses. All of our top three get top marks in these areas and are a great buy too! You'll notice though that our top three are all quite different. They run down the scale from our first placed weight lifting glove that does everything a weight lifting glove could possibly do (and well), to our third placed glove that provides more minimal cushioning and callus protection, without the interference of feeling that you are wearing a glove. So definitely something for everyone! 


Harbinger 155 StretchBack Glove

Harbinger 155 StretchBack Glove

( 3.0 out of 5.0 )

  • Cheaper option
  • Stretch back lycra at the back of the hand and in between fingers, increasing flexibility, comfort and fit
  • Reinforced thumb, double leather palm, fingers backed with foam protects hands from training abrasion
  • Adjustable wrist closure for a snug fit, and the short finger length gives you a natural feel and increased contact with the lifting surface
  • Could have more padding


Harbinger 1250 Training Grip Wrist Wrap Glove

Harbinger 1250 Training Grip Wrist/Wrap Glove

( 4.3 out of 5.0 )

  • Designed for frequent weight lifters and all round training
  • Patented wrist wrap stabilizes wrist with adjustable but gentle pressure keeping the wrist in proper position while training
  • Palm features TechGel comfort pads that mold to your hands, protecting them from the stresses of active training
  • Extended fingers maximize hand protection
  • Can only gently hand wash


The Gripper Glove Callus Guard WOD Workout Gloves by Fit Four for Weightlifting and Cross Training Athletes

The Gripper Glove: Callus Guard WOD Workout Gloves by Fit Four for Weightlifting and Cross Training Athletes

( 4.0 out of 5.0 )

  • The Gripper is great for WODs, hanging bar work, rope climbing, kettle bells and rings
  • Maximise grip and mobility, minimize slipping and ripping. Not more taping! 
  • Unisex sizing, handmade, easy on/off
  • Found them difficult to use when swinging kettle bells 

Why Buy Weight Lifting Gloves? 

So we mentioned already that weight lifting gloves are not for everybody. But if you're reading this, then you are either in the "glove camp", or you're considering it. So let's look at the advantages of weight lifting gloves, and why so many choose to wear them. 

  • Grip: There's no doubt that weight lifting gloves improve your grip. Hands get sweaty during a workout. This is when slips can occur, which is frankly annoying when you're doing pull ups but could also be dangerous if you're holding heavy weights over your head! For a safer workout, many choose to wear weight lifting gloves. 
  • Blisters and Calluses: Over a period of time, lifting weights will lead to blisters and calluses. And whilst you just need to get through the painful stage of this and then you're pretty much set as your palms will toughen up, some people don't want to. Let's face it, blisters and calluses aren't a great look. 
  • Pressure: For anyone lifting heavy weights, gloves can be great. They relieve pressure on your hands which means that this no longer needs to be a limiting factor. 
  • Wrist Support: A lot of gloves provide wrist support. This allows you to distribute the weight being lifted away from your wrists and across your forearms. Great for pulling exercises such as dead lifts and upright rows. 

You'll see from our top 3, that we have a range of different types of gloves. The first place glove will tick all the boxes on the advantages of wearing gloves, whereas our third is more about blisters, calluses and grip to a lesser degree. Work out which factors are important to you, and choose the gloves to match. 

What to Look Out for When Buying Weight Lifting Gloves

On top of the functionality that weight lifting gloves provide, you should also consider a few other important factors. 

  • Material: Leather, lycra, silicone and microfiber. Weight lifting gloves come in all different materials, make sure you choose the one that works for you. 
  • Fit: Particularly important is that you get the right fit with your weight lifting gloves. Our third placed gloves come in unisex sizing, the first two are sized for men. If you're a woman looking for weight lifting gloves and want to go for a "man's" glove, this is fine. There's no difference! Just bear in mind the difference in the sizing charts when purchasing. 
  • Cleaning: Make sure you get weight lifting gloves that you can clean. While we don't know of any that you can machine wash, do make sure that they are hand washable. They are going to need cleaning regularly! 

There's a lot of choice out there, but if you follow this guidance you should be fine. 

Other Weight Lifting Accessories

There are other accessories you may have considered buying. Let's briefly run through a few of them here: 

  1. Weight Lifting Belts: These are great for anyone with back pain, or who needs to protect their back to prevent injury. However, belts can give the wearer a false sense of security. They can give you the illusion that you won't get injured which means that any bad technique issues won't be addressed so quickly. ?
  2. Bar Pads: These provide cushioning during squats if you find that the bar hurts your upper-back. You have to be careful using these though, as again they can prevent proper technique and are not really much use at all with heavier weights. 
  3. Straps: Lifting Straps help to keep the barbell in your hands on pulling exercises if you have a weak grip. However, be warned again. You need to work on strengthening your grip, and using lifting straps will actually weaken it. They also can't be used in competition. 

The Alternative to Weight Lifting Gloves

If you don't want to go down the weight lifting glove path, there are some other options you can consider: 

  1. Chalk: ?But be warned, not all gyms allow it
  2. Foam: You can place this over the bar, grip and lift. A simple solution. 
  3. Bar Grip Modification: If you follow the proper technique, keeping the bar close to your fingers, you may not need gloves so much as you thought

Detailed Reviews of the Best Weight Lifting Gloves

We have already covered a lot of what to look for in a weight lifting glove. We tried to get something for everyone in our best weight lifting gloves top three. Take a look. 

Harbinger 1250 Training Grip WristWrap Glove

This glove really does the lot. If you're looking for wrist protection, padding, callus and blister avoidance with a tight fitting, washable glove. Look no further! 


  • Synthetic
  • Patented WristWrap stabilizes wrist with adjustable but gentle pressure, keeping the wrist in proper position while trai??ning
  • Palm features TechGel Comfort pads that mold to your hands, protecting them from the stresses of active training
  • Tight fitting and hand washable
  • Extended fingers maximize hand protection

What's Good About It?

It is the full package. If you want a glove that does everything. And does it well, then look no further. 

What Could Be Improved?

It would be great if it could be washed in a machine. But this is a fussy point as no other gloves of this specification can be machine washed. 

Harbinger 155 Power StretchBack Glove

Harbinger 155 StretchBack Glove

This is a lighter weight glove. It is from the same manufacturer as our first placed product, but does a different job. It is a lighter weight glove. Focus is on blister and callus avoidance and light padding. 


  • StretchBack Lycra increases flexibility, comfort and fit
  • Foam backing protects hands from training abrasion
  • Short finger length provides a natural feel

What's Good About It?

For a light weight glove it is great. Minimal interference when lifting, tight fitting, prevents calluses and abrasions. Also is a very economical choice. 

What Could Be Improved?

We felt that, without losing the tight fitting aspect of this glove, it could have had some more padding included in the design. 

The Gripper Glove

The Gripper Glove Callus Guard WOD Workout Gloves by Fit Four for Weightlifting and Cross Training Athletes

Something a little different here. This is a callus guard workout glove which is for weightlifting, cross training, hanging bar work and more. It's all about grip and callus guard, and not about padding, wrist guards. It is pretty much at the other end of the spectrum to the Harbinger 1250. And if you want something really minimal is a brilliant option. 


  • Microfiber: 40% synthetic leather, 50% lycra, 10% silicone
  • Multi-us - for WODs, hanging bar work, rope climbing, kettle bells and rings
  • Maximises grip and mobility. Minimizes slipping and ripping. No more taping and chalk! 
  • Independently moving hexagonal shaped silicone pads for extra grip
  • Unisex sizing

What's Good About It?

They provide the maximum protection for the minimum amount of glove. And they're thin enough that you still can really feel the bar. A great choice for a reluctant glove wearer! 

What Could Be Improved?

We found them tricky to use on kettle bells. They prevented our testers from getting the handles to glide while swinging the bells. It may be that we need to use them some more to master the technique. Great for weight lifting though. 

Final Verdict on Best Weight Lifting Gloves

This is a tough one to call. Each of our top three is very different, and meets a different need. We've gone with the Harbinger 1250 as this ticks all boxes. And well. But really you need to go for the glove to meet your needs. And we'd recommend any of our top three.