Best Wine Aerator Reviews


Jan 29
Best Wine Aerator Reviews

Decanting wine has a very practical purpose, but often it is seen as unnecessary and a little affected. We'll discuss in detail in this article the benefits and techniques of decanting wine. It is very beneficial but quite a chore. That's where wine aerators come in. They do the same job with none of the hassle. And we've picked three of the best wine aerators with detailed reviews to whet your appetite! 

The Best 3 Wine Aerators

Oh the fun we had with this particular review! Not only did we assess the wine aerator on how it impacted the enjoyment of the wine itself, we also considered ease of use, value for money and appearance. Enjoy, we did! 

Why Buy a Wine Aerator? 

Pouring wine through a wine aerator really does make a big difference. It allows the wine to breathe and oxidise. Which releases the wine's aromas and brings out its true flavor. It is also easier to manage than a decanter which most people find too much of a hassle.

  • Gives your wine the opportunity to shine. Any red wine will benefit from using an aerator. The aroma and taste will be noticeably enhanced.
  • Easier to store than a decanter. A wine aerator will fit easily into your kitchen drawer. A decanter is a much more bulky and often fragile item. 
  • Makes a great gift. Although some red wine drinkers will use an aerator, they are still relatively uncommon in most kitchen drawers. So you know that you can give a gift that is both needed and appreciated when you buy a wine aerator. 

They are also often inexpensive and offer great value to money. Some say they turn a $5 bottle of wine into a $20 bottle. Why not give it a try?

What to Look Out for When Buying a Wine Aerator

There are a few options available if you're looking for a wine aerator. Our top three includes two aerators that attach to the bottle, and one hand-held that you hold over your glass. There are several designs to consider. 

  • Handheld. These aerators are held over a glass and you pour the wine through. They typically come with a base to place the aerator after use. They are perfect for your wine serving area or bar as they are a little on the bulky side. On the plus side, they allow a large amount of air through so you get the wine in a very short space of time! 
  • The In Bottle/Stopper. Featured in our top two, these wine aerators are probably the most convenient. They fit directly into the bottle and can also double as a stopper most of the time. The screens are usually built into the aerators and it's very easy to use as they fit right into the bottle. Fantastic to take to a restaurant or at your next dinner party. They typically don't allow quite as much air through as the handheld design. 
  • In Glass. Some aerators sit directly in the glass. Similar in style to the handheld, but requires just a little less work and coordination. 

Which you go for will depend on your own preference. For convenience and storage the In Bottle/Stopper style is great, but the handheld/in glass design do offer an aerator that typically lets more air through. The choice is yours! 

Why Not Just Decant? 

Well many of us don't actually own a decanter these days. They've gone out of fashion much like the serving cart or fondue set. When you think about the type of person who owns a decanter, you probably come up with someone who shops in antique shops, or maybe lives in a stately home! But decanting wine is not just for show, and in fact a handheld aerator has many of the advantages of a decanter; they basically serve the same purpose! 

Why Does Wine Need Decanting or Aerating? 

Wine production methods have certainly improved over the years. A simple search on Google on "how to make wine at home" will tell you that! Now they are routinely fined and filtered to a crystal clear state. That wasn't always the case. Often a barrel and bottle could contain quite a bit of solid matter which was very unwelcome! To avoid bringing such wine to the table, it was normal to decant it - through a strainer- into a fine looking receptacle which was then brought to the table. 

Almost all wines today don't need to be strained, many do benefit from aerating (or decanting if you prefer to stick to traditional methods! The process of passing the wine through the air before serving changes the wine. It softens it and encourages a more complex aroma to develop. So for sure, the more inexpensive the wine, the greater the benefit of a wine aerator! 

Detailed Reviews of the Best Wine Aerators

We found all three of our recommended wine aerators were easy to use, affordable and, most importantly, enhanced the taste and aroma of the wine we tested. 

Vinomaster Red Wine Aerating Pourer, Decanter, Stopper Gift Set

We loved how easy to use this product is, how well it aerated and all of the extras that are included on top of just the aerator. A great buy! 


  • Fits easily onto wine bottles, is easy to use and gives a lovely aerated wine
  • Great gift set too. Comes in a lovely box with wine stopper included
  • Lifetime satisfaction guarantee

What's Good About It?

As well as giving a great wine flavor, it also is really easy to use, clean (dishwasher proof!) and makes a perfect gift. Great product. 

What Could Be Improved?

Although we wouldn't say that this product could be improved. We would say that if you're only having a glass of wine or two in total, you may be better with our third recommendation - the handheld aerator. 

Rabbit Wine Aerator Pourer

Very similar to the Vinomaster aerator. Another bottle attaching product that gives a brilliant tasting wine very easily. 


  • Designed to fit all bottle tops
  • Constructed from silicone and polished stainless steel
  • Easy to use and comes in a lovely box

What's Good About It?

It works brilliantly and is easy to use. We love the look of this product and it is obviously high quality. 

What Could Be Improved?

Unfortunately due to the materials used, the product is not suitable for dishwasher use. For some of us this isn't a problem, and even worth it for a better looking aerator. The choice is yours! 

Vinluxe PRO Wine Aerator

If you want a handheld aerator we thoroughly recommend this one. What we love about the handheld aerator is that they allow so much air through. So you get a fast result.


  • Easy to use and convenient to store with the patented Vinara Wine design to speed up the breathing process by instantly aerating in the time it takes to pour one glass
  • Multi-stage aeration mixes the right amount of air in the right amount of time
  • Easily detached an clean

What's Good About It?

If you're after a handheld aerator we absolutely recommend this one. It's actually really fun to use, and a nice ritual to pouring the glass of wine. The results are great, and it comes with a handy stand. Also includes a strainer in the design, which for older wines or ports is really useful as sediment can still be present in an aged bottle. 

What Could Be Improved?

We don't know if this will be a problem, but we were a little concerned about the mesh strainer. As it does become detached for cleaning (which is great!) it may be at risk of becoming loose when in use. 

Final Verdict on Best Wine Aerator

We absolutely recommend any of our top three best wine aerators. The vinomaster edged it for ease of use and value for money. Whichever you go for, enjoy!