Reviews of the Best Wine Opener


Jan 29
Best Wine Opener Reviews

For many of us, the sound a cork makes when it pops off a bottle of wine is a lovely one. A part of the whole process. And as much as boxed wine and screw tops are becoming more popular, we are not near the end for the cork just yet. If you're looking for the best wine opene?r then read on. We've got one from our favourite categories in our top three. 

The Best 3 Wine Openers

In coming up with our final top three, we considered ease of use, look and durability. All of these products did great on each category, and we definitely feel there's something for everyone with these wine openers. 


Precision Kitchenware - Luxury Corkscrew Set

( 4.5 out of 5.0 )

  • Classic design comes with a chrome plated bottle stopper
  • Very solid, heavy duty, built to last
  • Need to make sure that the screw is going into the cork at the right angle


Vinomaster Wine Bottle Lever Screwpull Opener

( 4.6 out of 5.0 )

  • Easily opens any bottle with no cork breakage
  • Comes in a sleek buckle box so an ideal gift
  • Durable with a lifetime guarantee and very little force required
  • More costly option


Oster 4207 Electric Wine Bottle Opener

( 4.3 out of 5.0 )

  • Cordless operation with recharging base
  • Open a bottle in seconds
  • Includes a foil cutter
  • Need to keep in charged up in the stand to work

Why Buy a Wine Opener? 

Unless you restrict yourself to screw-tops and boxes of wine only, you will need a wine opener! In fact, half of all wine bottled in the US uses cork or synthetic cork which both require a wine opener. 

What to Look Out for When Buying a wine opener

Okay, let's talk types of wine opener. There are more than you might think! You'll see from our top three that we have covered three of the eight main categories. 

  • The Waiter's Friend: This is a very portable product but does require moderate skill levels. Anyone who is serious about their wine will probably prefer this type of wine opener. It comes in many variations, including the double hinged model which aids the sheer force needed to remove a cork. 
  • The Winged Butterfly Corkscrew: This is the style of our #2 product in our review. It is usually great value and if you select a well-made product will also be very reliable. Be warned though, there are a lot of poorly made wine openers of this style that just won't last. 
  • The Bunny Ears Lever Corkscrew: Really easy to use and reliable, but tends to be expensive. Great for beginners. The only real downside to this type of corkscrew is that the lever corkscrew does take up a lot of drawer space.  
  • The Table Top Wine Opener: Again, very easy to use but expensive and takes up space. Quite a lot of space actually as it is best on a counter than in a drawer. Popular in restaurants with where wine is sold by the glass it is visually really quite appealing. 
  • The Electric Wine Opener: And here we have our 3rd placed wine opener. Now this one is really easy to use. However, it is a long way from the romanticism of the waiter's friend. It is to the real BBQ what a gas BBQ is. Practical, easy, nothing wrong with it if you don't mind that it is just a bit too easy. Somehow this takes the fun out of it. That said, we included one of these in our top 3 because the product was both durable and easy to use as well as being great for anyone with weaker hands.  

So really, you do need to think about which type of wine opener is right for you. We think there's something for everyone in our top three. If you want to go for the waiter's friend you are most likely a real wine connoisseur and don't need to read a review of wine openers to choose the best type for you!  

What about Corked Wine? 

Cork taint as it's called in the industry is a very preventable issue. Vines are managed so closely throughout the year, at harvest equipment is meticulously cleaned and fermentation stringently controlled. Every single detail is considered, but cork taint can and does still occur. 

Usually it's easy to tell if your wine is tainted. It just smells awful. To me at least, it smells like wet woolly jumpers that have been left lying around for a few days. ?And it's caused by polluted cork.  So what is the wine industry doing to prevent this? Well synthetic corks are one answer. They can't be infected by the molecule TCA which is responsible for corked wine. Added to this the controlled oxygen exchange from the density of the synthetic cork, you get a wine that has kept more of its bouquet that if you used a real cork. Be warned though, TCA can be found in wine barrels and boxes, and so come from that source. So if you use a screw top this still may not help and you could still get "corked" wine. 

So, if you're in a restaurant or at home and the wine tastes odd. Maybe a little musty or dull. Don't drink it! If your dinner smelt off you wouldn't eat it, so why your wine? Return the bottle to the store, or the glass to the restaurant and get a new one! 

Detailed Reviews of the Best Wine Openers

Each of our top three is great for durability and ease of use. Once you've read our insights on types of wine openers you'll see why we've gone for these. They're all great examples of their kind. 

Vinomaster Wine Bottle Lever Screwpull Opener

Beautifully packaged, lovely design and really easy to use. The materials are very high end, so you know that this product will last. 


  • Opens bottles with easy, bunny ear design
  • Gorgeous gift set and great packaging
  • Durable product with lifetime satisfaction guarantee

What's Good About It?

This is a great product for anyone wanting a high-end bottle opener. It is easy for anyone to use, looks great and comes in a fabulous gift set. 

What Could Be Improved?

This isn't a cheap option. Don't get me wrong, it works brilliantly and looks amazing, but it is still not cheap for a bottle opener. But if you want to treat yourself or someone near then look no further. 

Precision Kitchenware - Luxury Corkscrew and Wine Stopper Set

We didn't feel we could have a top 3 without including the classic winged butterfly corkscrew design. These guys can get a lot of bad press. It's not fair really, as this is only because there are a lot of poorly made versions of this design. Get a well-made one and this is truly a classic. Great value, easy to use and store. 


  • Built to last made from solid, heavy-duty materials
  • Simple and easy to use. And it works! 
  • Great value and includes a chrome plated bottle stopper

What's Good About It?

When you can get a winged butterfly corkscrew that works, they are really great. Simple, easy to store, great value and durable. And this one is just this. 

What Could Be Improved?

Although our reviewers didn't have this problem, I know a few people struggle to make sure that the screw enters the cork in the right position and at the right angle. So as this is in your control, just make sure that you keep an eye on this when using this cork screw. 

Oster 4207 Electric Wine Bottle Opener

These aren't really for me. I like a bit more involvement in the process. That said, for anyone with weaker hands, or who is less experienced then this electric wine bottle opener does a great job. Just make sure you have room to store in in charging mode. 


  • Cordless operation with recharging base
  • Includes foil cutter
  • Opens wine easily, ergonomic design

What's Good About It?

Really it is so easy to use. You won't go wrong and your wine will be open in seconds. We loved the design. It's well made and a good looking piece of kit that does a great job! 

What Could Be Improved?

The only downside is really that you have to store it on the charging pad. Otherwise it will lose charge. So it isn't great for a drawer. If you want an electric wine opener we love this one. Just think about storage before getting one. Fabulous for anyone with weaker hands. 

Final Verdict on Best Wine Opener

It's all a matter of personal choice. For me, I go for a waiter's friend style as I have the technique nailed and this works well for me, is durable and so easy to store. But we've selected wine openers that are more suitable to perhaps a less seasoned user! And each one if a great buy.