What’s the Best Car Phone Holder? Top 5 Revealed

Car Phone Holder

Jul 02
Car Phone Holder

It’s a no-brainer that it isn’t safe to drive and hold your phone at the same time. That dangerous practice has been outlawed in many states, and for good reason. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use your phone while driving. You just need a way to go hands-free.

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There are a few hands-free devices available to today’s drivers, but a car phone holder, which mounts to your car to keep your phone accessible and in place, is one of the easiest to use.

A good car phone holder enables you to run programs like maps and talk to your friends and family while keeping your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

How We Chose Our Ratings - Rating Every Car Phone Holder

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While every mount holds a phone, they are not all made in the same way. The ones on this list are not just adequate, they have been tested on key characteristics to ensure they go above and beyond the norm.

All of the following mounts not only work to hold your phone, they also are of the highest quality and come with various additional features that make your life that much easier.

In addition, they were also evaluated based on where they attach in a car, how much versatility they offer, how well they allow you to see your phone screen, how tightly they hold the phone, their price, and ease of use.

Spigen Kuel AP12T OneTap Car Phone Mount Universal Car Phone Holder...
  • PLEASE READ** For Dashboard Installation: CLEAN the dashboard thoroughly...
  • Please apply on the windshield instead of dashboard if your dashboard is...
  • Suction cup with integrated adhesive gel pad provides versatility and a...

5/5 Stars

Every car phone holder grabs onto your device in its own way. Though it may seem like all holders are the same because they serve similar goals, the way they go about meeting that goal is quite different.

The Spigen Kuel OneTap is distinctly different from most of the options on this list because, rather than relying on magnets to hold the phone in place, it has a soft lock system that snaps around the case.

As you would expect from any top-of-the-line car phone holder, this model is able to handle every single type of phone on the market. No matter how large your device is, or what kind of case you use, it will be able to fit here.

That versatility is extremely important because it means you can buy the product without worrying if you’ll be able to use it. That peace of mind is a big reason it kicks off this list.

Another great bonus of this model, and another example of its versatility, is that it comes with a telescopic arm that can be moved or pointed into any position. That gives you a way to place it in the exact right spot.

It also sticks fast and holds for a long time thanks to the suction cup and integrated adhesive gel pad. Those ensure your phone never falls out of place or slips during use.

Though the OneTap works in many different ways and provides you with several options, do note that it doesn’t work on leather dashboards.

Even so, the numerous features make the device a premier can phone holder. It is fully adjustable, easy to maneuver, fully scratch-resistant, and comes in either black or white. The one touch technology also locks your phone in place right away.

Kenu Airbase Magnetic | Magnetic Car Phone Mount | Android Car Mount +...
  • SAFELY IN VIEW - Keep your smartphone in sight at eye level and ready for...
  • UNIVERSAL DEVICE PLATE - The thin, low-profile mounting plates can be...
  • POWERFUL MAGNETS - Our Android and iPhone car holder has six (6) powerful...

5/5 Stars

To be the best car phone holder, a device needs to do more than give you a place to store your phone. It needs to have various features that enable you to use your phone as you drive.

That is the reason the Kenu Airbase Magnetic, which comes in as one of the sleekest and most useful holders on this list, ranks so highly.

This car phone holder is unique for various reasons, but gets special praise for its simplicity and general stability.

Many people may want a place to store their phone while they drive, but that doesn’t mean they want a big item taking up their dashboard or threatening to block their view. Airbase Magnetic avoids those issues because it is always out of the way.

This holder has a 2.5-inch diameter base and measures just 3-inches tall. Even so, it is able to hold every single phone on the market, with or without a case. That’s thanks to the special metal plate it uses to hold the items in place.

Simply place the plate onto the back of your phone to keep it steady through any bumps, swerves or turns. Just be sure to aim the plate toward the bottom of the handset. Putting it too high can interfere with charging.

It can be easy to discount smaller phone mounts, but this one is truly up to any task. Not only does it hold phones, but it sticks onto your car with a special suction cup/adhesive combination.

Once you know where you want it to be, you set it in place, flip the lever, and let the suction take care of the rest. Most people will use this on the dash, but it can be used on the windshield.

That versatility, further complemented by the adjustable magnetic head, makes this the best option for those who prefer using a magnetic car mount.

iOttie Easy One Touch 4 Dash & Windshield Car Mount Phone Holder ||...
  • EASY ONE TOUCH LOCK/RELEASE: Patented Easy One Touch mechanism allows quick...
  • ADJUSTABLE VIEWING: The newly re-designed Telescopic Arm extends from 4" -...
  • UNIVERSAL MOUNTING: Holds all phone and case combinations from 2. 3" - 3....

4.5/5 Stars

The Easy One Touch 4 from iOttie is a fantastic mounting system that comes in thre different variations: Dashboard & Windshield, CD Slot, and Air Vent. That gives you a lot of options and ensures that anyone, no matter what car they have, can use the system.

This car phone holder is one of the best on the market because it does a great job of combining a stellar design with incredible function.

The One Touch 4 employs a cradle design that attaches to the holder through an adjustable ball joint. That keeps your phone safely tucked in one place, and prevents any slipping or sliding. The wide-set grip is also able to hold any phone or case.

What makes this system unique is that, rather than having to operate it manually like so many similar sets, you just tap your phone against the button in the middle of the device. That causes the case to snap around your device and hold it fast.

To release your phone, simple squeeze the release bar below the holder’s arms. All of those steps can be performed with one hand, which increases both functionality and safety at the same time.

In addition, the car phone holder is fully-adjustable so that you can quickly position it as you need. There is also a rubber lining to help provide extra grip and stop the cradle from damaging your phone. That is just one of the many examples of what makes this item so useful.

While the Easy One Touch 4 is a bit more expensive than similar models, the extra features make the added price worth it.

iOttie also offers a one-year warranty on this, which protects your investment. They give you the option to buy replacement adhesive pads online as well.

iOttie iTap Magnetic CD Slot Premium Car Mount Holder for iPhone X...
  • A universal magnetic mounting solution that will hold most smartphones,...
  • Easy to mount CD latching system that fits most vehicle CD slots
  • Provides a choice of an inner and outer metal plate

4.5/5 Stars

Another great iOttie product, the iTap Magnetic CD Slot Mount is the perfect car phone holder for those who have a CD slot in their car.

This device comes with the same fantastic system used in the above Easy One Touch 4, but it differs in that it has a magnetic head to hold your phone instead of a magnetic ball. Even so, it is just as strong and as reliable as any iOttie product.

As with so many other popular car phone holders, this comes with a metal plate to grip your phone. However, you get two different options. One attaches to the outside of your phone or your case, and the other tucks inside your case. The one you use comes down to personal preference.

To ensure those plates don’t harm your phone, they come with a thin, protective film sticker that you can put between the plate and your mobile device.

The magnets on this device are not only strong, they also work well without interfering with any of your phone’s programs or internet.

That feature is not present in all popular mounts, and it is a welcome addition that helps you know you’re getting something worth your money.

Nite Ize Original Steelie Dash Mount Kit - Magnetic Car Dash Mount for...
  • ADJUSTABLE VIEWING ANGLES - The Dash Mount features a steel ball that...

4/5 Stars

We finish this list with a bit of flair. Many car phone holders, though different, look the same. Style is not the most important feature of a good mount, but it doesn’t hurt.

The Nite Ize Steelie is easily one of the coolest looking devices on the market. Rather than providing you with a large unit, it is a minimalistic two-piece system that perfectly blends in with any car dashboard.

Here, you get a magnetic mounting system that consists of a small ball and concave magnet. The ball uses strong adhesive to stick onto the dashboard, while the magnet sits on top and securely holds your phone as you drive.

This small mount completely hides behind the phone while in use, but it also complements your dash at other times. Being able to hide behind your phone keeps the focus on your screen, which creates an experience unlike any other car phone holder on the market.

It is easy to be suspicious of this compared to other, more involved systems, but you shouldn’t let it scare you off. The Steelie makes the list of best car phone holders because it works extremely well.

The magnet, though small, is incredibly powerful. You never have to worry about your phone slipping or falling from the mount once it’s on. In fact, this has been tested to withstand any bumps or potholes a road could throw at you.

It even works with all popular phone cases, for devices from the iPhone to the Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel.

If you want, the special 3M VHB adhesive enables you to connect the Steelie to any vertical or flat surface within your car. That gives you an extra bit of functionality that similar models lack.

The mount is also fully adjustable, creating different viewing angles. It is easy to switch your phone to different modes, and gives you a way to get the best picture from your front seat. This is great for passengers as well.

All of those features are then backed by Nite Ize’s worry-free guarantee, an excellent package that provides you with some extra peace of mind.

Buyer’s Guide to the Best Phone Holder


There is no doubt that the above five phone holders are the top of the market. However, they may not be for everyone.

If you want to go on your search, there are a few key characteristics that you need to focus on to ensure the holder will provide you with great results.

When picking a mount, always make sure it sticks tightly onto the dashboard and know that it will hold onto your phone through any bumps or sudden turns.

It is also important to search for something that attaches to your specific car, and that has a great amount of adjustability. Versatility is a key attribute for any phone holder, and it is one you want to pay attention to.

A Safe and Secure Way to Use Your Phone

Using the Phone for Navigation

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Finding a good car phone holder is a bit of process if you’re not prepared. However, if you know what you’re looking for you should be able to locate the one that works for you.

The five options in this guide hold every phone type and allow you to perfectly adjust your device to the desired angle. While it is easy to settle for a phone holder on the assumption that they are all the same, some go above and beyond.

No matter what type of car you own or what device you use, one of the above mounts will give great results at a reasonable price.