Fiber Supplements: Our Top 10 Picks


May 07
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Do you enjoy eating your fruits and vegetables?

They’re a great source of vitamins, minerals, and of course fiber.

Fiber is just as crucial as your essential vitamins and minerals. You need fiber to regulate your bowel movements and prevent constipation.

Fiber can also help regulate your blood sugar.

How much fiber do you need per day?

Nutritional experts recommend healthy adult women eat 25 grams of fiber per day, and healthy adult men should eat 38 grams of fiber per day. Unfortunately, most people only eat about 15 grams of fiber a day, far less than the recommendation.

What can we do to improve our fiber intake?

One of the best ways to increase our consumption of fiber is to eat more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Of course, not everyone is able to fit 10 to 20 more grams of fiber into their everyday diet.

No need to worry! Fiber supplements are another great way to add fiber to our diets.

Follow along as we explain what fiber supplements are and which of the available supplements on the market are the best. If you’re looking for a fiber supplement to add to your regular diet, you’ll find several options on our list below.

Do You Need To Use Fiber Supplements?

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How do you know if you need to take fiber supplements?

If you believe you aren’t getting enough fiber, there’s some good news! Medical experts say it’s safe for most healthy adults to take a fiber supplement every day. Let’s be honest. Most of us could use some extra fiber in our diets, and supplements are a fast and easy way to increase our intake.

Take note, though. If you take certain medications fiber supplements may inhibit your body’s ability to absorb them. Also, if you are diabetic, remember fiber can reduce your blood sugar, so you may need to adjust your insulin dose.

Additionally, if you have Crohn’s disease or are prone to intestinal blockages, you should consult your physician before adding fiber supplements to your diet. Supplements can cause bloating, if you are prone to intestinal difficulties.

Fiber supplements can’t replace fiber-rich foods, but they can help if your diet lacks a bit of fiber. If you’re experiencing other nutrient deficiencies, you may need to make larger scale changes to your diet.

If you decide to take a fiber supplement, how do you know which ones are the best? With so many options on the market, we set out to find the best fiber supplements available.

How We Chose Our Ratings

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What criteria did we use to select the supplements on the list below?

Well, we know the importance of accuracy and honesty when making dietary supplement recommendations. Likewise, we know you value brands with a good reputation for quality and excellent customer service, so we have considered these factors as well.

We’ve assessed the best fiber supplement brands according to price, quality, effectiveness, and brand reputation. To do this, we’ve looked at professional and customer reviews of supplements. Below you’ll find the results of our research compiled into a list of the best fiber supplements on the market.

Top 10 Best Fiber Supplements

Listed here in descending order are our selections for the top 10 best fiber supplements available. We hope you’ll find something on this list to suit your dietary fiber needs.


Fibercon (140-Count Caplets) Fiber Therapy for Regularity with Calcium...
  • Helps restore the natural balance in the intestines
  • Value Size!
  • Gentle Enough for Everyday Use

FiberCon Fiber Therapy for Regularity caplets come from a highly recognized and respected brand in the industry. They contain calcium polycarbophil which should be mild enough for most people to use regularly.

Not only does the caplet contain fiber, it also contains calcium, an essential mineral. FiberCon says two caplets of this supplement provides as much fiber as one dose of their powder supplement.

Customers were highly complimentary of these caplets, praising them for being effective in treating more than one kind of digestive difficulty. They said it caused no gas or bloating and worked better than other fiber supplements they’d tried.

Some customers said the caplets were a little too big and they recommended drinking plenty of water to get them to go down easier.

We rated the FiberCon Fiber Therapy for Regularity caplets 5 stars out of 5.


Vitafusion Fiber Well Fit Gummies Supplement, 90 Count (Packaging May...
  • 5 grams of fiber to support regularity and support digestive health[1]
  • 6 high potency B vitamins to support fat, carb and protein metabolism for...
  • Natural Peach, Raspberry and Berry Flavors

Vitafusion Fiber Well Fit Gummies contain 5 grams of fiber per serving as well as several B vitamins essential for health and fitness.

These gummies are sugar-free, so if you are diabetic, you can take this supplement without adjusting your insulin. They also contain prebiotics, so if you’re sensitive to those ingredients, you may want to consult your doctor before taking this supplement.

Customers were generally satisfied with this product. They found them effective at keeping digestion running smoothly. Some noted that the gummies tend to melt together if left in the heat for too long.

We rated the Vitafusion Fiber Well Fit Gummies 4.5 stars out of 5.


Metamucil MultiHealth Fiber Powder is a tried and true product and has been on the market for years. It is a psyllium fiber powder supplement that dissolves in liquid.

This supplement contains sugar and is orange-flavored, so if you have diabetes, be careful.

Also, if you want to take your fiber in something other than water, you’ll have to make sure the flavor of your beverage compliments the orange-flavored supplement.

Most customers found this supplement effective and convenient to take. Some mentioned the powder would settle in liquid if left standing for a few minutes, and one customer said they had an allergic reaction to something in the formula.

We rated the Metamucil MultiHealth Fiber Powder 4.5 stars out of 5.


Benefiber Daily Prebiotic Dietary Fiber Supplement Powder for...
  • Benefiber Original is a 100 percent natural daily prebiotic dietary fiber...
  • Unlike some other forms of fiber, Benefiber powder dissolves clear and can...
  • For under 6 years or if you are pregnant or nursing a baby, ask a health...

Benefiber Taste-free, Sugar-free supplement powder can be dissolved in any food or drink for an easy fiber boost. Since it’s a powder, you can use as much or as little as you like, and you can increase your dosage as you become accustomed to it.

It dissolves entirely in liquid and doesn’t cause thickening, so it will go down easy. This supplement does contain a prebiotic, so if you are sensitive to these substances, best avoid this product.

Customers loved being able to add this supplement to all kinds of foods and beverages. They praised it for being effective in firming stool and slowing digestion.

We rated the Benefiber Taste-free, Sugar-free supplement powder 4.5 stars out of 5.


Citrucel Caplets Fiber Therapy for Occasional Constipation Relief, 180...
  • Citrucel caplets contain fiber for irregularity that won't cause excess gas...
  • Clinically proven effective to help relieve occasional constipation (When...
  • Citrucel caplets contain methylcellulose fiber, which is a non toxic, non...

Citrucel Caplets Fiber Therapy supplements may be a convenient choice if you’re looking for a well-known brand with an excellent reputation. These caplets are made with methylcellulose fiber. They’re a great choice if you have food allergies, since they shouldn’t cause any adverse reactions.

These caplets don’t cause bloating like other fiber supplements can. The dosage is less customizable than supplement powders, but if you have a busy lifestyle, they may be more convenient for you.

Customers praised this supplement for how well it improves digestive function. Some said they were taking the recommended 2 caplet dose, while others take only a half caplet. Customers mentioned the importance of drinking enough water while taking this supplement, because dehydration could cause discomfort.

We rated the Citrucel Caplets Fiber Therapy 4.5 stars out of 5.


FiberAdvance Gummies, 90 Count
  • 4g fiber in 2 pc serving
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Delicious, great tasting!

Fiber Advance Gummies aim to make it easy for you to get your recommended dose of fiber per day by delivering it inside sweet gummy candies. The recommended serving size of two gummies contain 4 grams of fiber.

While this supplement doesn’t provide as much fiber as some of the other supplements on this list, it does contain 1 gram of sugar. If you have diabetes or are sensitive to sugar, be aware of the sugar content of these gummies.

Most customers liked the mildly sweet flavor and effectiveness of these supplements, but some did not like the flavor. Other customers experienced side effects such as gas and bloating.

We rated Fiber Advance Gummies 4 stars out of 5.


Garden of Life Raw Organic Superfood Fiber for Constipation Relief,...
  • VEGAN FIBER: Our RAW fiber contains 9g of fiber per serving (36% DV) along...
  • SUPERFOOD FIBER: RAW fiber is made with 15 RAW organic superfoods,...
  • CONSTIPATION RELIEF: Supports gut health, regular bowel function,...

Garden of Life Raw Organic Superfood Fiber is a powder supplement that’s vegan and contains several other nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids and probiotics. It helps control blood sugar as well as ease digestion issues.

It has 9 grams of fiber and is gluten-, dairy-, and psyllium-free. It isn’t tasteless, and it can thicken liquids slightly. Also, if you mix it into your beverage, you’ll need to stir it occasionally as you drink it, because it tends to settle in the bottom of the glass.

Most consumers were happy with the performance of this supplement, but some didn’t like how it thickened liquids and settled in the glass. Others said they experienced some bloating from this product.

We rated the Garden of Life Raw Organic Superfood Fiber supplement 4 out of 5 stars.


Optimum Nutrition Fitness Fiber, Unflavored, 6.87 Ounce
  • ·         CONTAINS 6 FIBER SOURCES - polydextrose,...
  • ·         5G FIBER PER SERVING - high-quality fiber sources to...
  • ·         ONLY 10 CALORIES

Optimum Nutrition Fitness Fiber is a powder supplement marketed primarily as a satiety and weight loss aid. It’s flavorless and can be mixed into foods or drinks. While not specifically made to help digestion, it has six different types of fiber.

If you aren’t used to eating fiber, this supplement can be slowly incorporated into your diet. You can begin with a small amount and gradually increase your dose as you go.

Customers liked this flavorless supplement and praised it for being versatile and effective. Some mentioned that it doesn’t mix well with water, so if you try it, mix it with a smoothie or with food instead.

We rated the Optimum Nutrition Fitness Fiber 4 stars out of 5.


Phillips' Fiber Good Gummies, Daily Fiber Supplement, 90 Count
  • Fiber Good Gummies are an excellent source of fiber. Two Gummies taken...
  • While fruits, vegetables and whole grains are good sources of naturally...
  • These Philips' Good Gummies offer six great-tasting natural fruit flavors...

Phillips’ Fiber Good Gummies can provide you with 4 grams of fiber in each serving. The manufacturer recommends two servings per day.

These gummies contain less than 1 gram of sugar and some prebiotics, so if you are diabetic or sensitive to prebiotics, be careful while taking this supplement.

Many customers liked the flavor of these gummies and thought they were effective in regulating digestion. Some said they needed to spread the dosage out during the day to avoid bloating and gas.

We rated the Phillips’ Fiber Good Gummies 3.5 stars out of 5.


NOW Supplements, Psyllium Husk 500 mg, 500 Capsules
  • INTESTINAL HEALTH*/HELPS MAINTAIN REGULARITY*: Psyllium has the ability to...
  • NATURAL SOLUBLE FIBER: Surveys have shown that the fiber content of the...
  • CERTIFICATIONS/CLASSIFICATIONS: Non-GMO Project Verified, Kosher,...

The NOW Psyllium Husk Capsules are vegetarian and contain 500 mg of soluble fiber to help with digestion and blood sugar regulation. The recommended dose is 3 capsules, but you may need to adjust based on your needs.

This supplement contains no corn, soy, wheat, or dairy. The manufacturer warns consumers to make sure they drink enough water when taking these capsules because they may swell inside the throat or esophagus. If you have any swallowing difficulties, you may want to avoid this supplement.

Many customers find these capsules helpful in regulating their digestion, but take note, many customers are taking far more than the recommended 3 capsules per day. Some reviewers take 6 or more capsules per day.

We rated the NOW Psyllium Husk Capsules 3.5 stars out of 5.

Fiber Supplement Buyer’s Guide

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Once you’ve decided you want to use a supplement to increase the amount of fiber in your diet, it’s time to make a purchase.

But how do you choose which of the available fiber supplements you should try?

Be aware that you won’t know for sure what effect a supplement will have on your body until you try it, but you can narrow down your list of options by considering a few important factors first.

Some factors you should consider include:

Type of Fiber: 

Supplements contain different types of fiber, natural and
manufactured, soluble and insoluble. Consult your doctor to find out what type will work for your needs.

Quantity of Fiber: 

If you aren’t used to eating fiber, you should choose a low-dose
supplement and increase your dosage over time.

Effects of Fiber on Medications:

Some fiber supplements can slow down the absorption rate of certain drugs, so if you take medication for diabetes,
seizures, heart conditions, or depression, don’t take your fiber supplement at the same time.

Additional Ingredients:

Some supplements contain added sugar or prebiotics. If you have diabetes, be careful to monitor the amount of sugar in your supplement. If you’re prone to constipation, avoid supplements with prebiotics.

Fiber supplements can be a valuable addition to a mostly healthy diet, but you need to be an informed consumer. Armed with this buyer’s guide and our prepared list of the best fiber supplements on the market, we hope you’ll find a supplement that works for your body and your lifestyle.