PSP vs. the PS Vita


Jul 21
PSP vs PS Vita

The PS Vita looks similar to the PSP, and the primary difference is the size. While it is bigger, which is ideal for gamers who need something easier to grip, there are a few differences between the PS Vita and PSP.

Which is Better: the PSP or the PS Vita?

Deciding between the two is not easy. Instead, it comes down to size, weight, and overall gaming needs.

Both have distinct similarities, like the location of the controls, the d-pad, and shape buttons. The speakers are not in the same place on each device, which affects sound performance during play.

The PS Vita

PSP vs PS Vita

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The PS Vita, or PlayStation Vita, is a handheld gaming device used for music, movies and PlayStation-friendly games. It comes from the line of handheld, portable gaming devices released by Sony and is popular with children and teenagers.

What is Great About the PS Vita?

  • Forward compatible and works with other gaming products like the PlayStation 4
  • Includes virtual reality options
  • Backward compatible to play games that were released before the PS Vita
  • Downloadable games
  • Smoother, better-looking graphics without lines on the screen

What Needs Improvement?

  • Most games must be downloaded and cannot be accessed with the NVG cards
  • Limited storage capacity for games, making it hard for users to pick and choose which to keep
  • Slimmer than other models, but only offers six hours of play time

The PSP-3000

PSP vs PS Vita

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The PSP-3000 is the third generation unit from PlayStation. It boasts a powerful CPU and up to 64 MB of memory space. The PSP is smaller than the PS Vita, so adults might find it too hard to maneuver.

What is Great About the PSP-3000?

  • Includes built-in stereo
  • Downloadable games
  • Memory stick capable for added storage capacity
  • Wireless communication and connects to 16 consoles together for play
  • Includes AC adaptor and battery pack

What Needs Improvement?

  • Some users claim to see screen lines while playing games
  • Not customizable like the past versions
  • Glare issues for players when using the device outdoors
  • Heavier than the PS Vita

Which Device is Better for Handheld Gaming?

It comes down to how much a person wants to spend and how big of a device they want to hold. When purchasing a device for children, the PSP-3000 is a great option.

If, however, the gaming device is for an adult or teen, it is best to go with the PS Vita because it is larger and has better spacing between the buttons.

The PS Vita costs $199, which is a lot considering the PlayStation 4 costs $399. Compared to the Nintendo 3DS, which is the same amount, there are fewer features, but the PS Vita can work alongside a PlayStation 4, while a Nintendo 3DS does not operate with a Wii.

The PSP-3000 costs anywhere from $60 to $100 — depending on where it is purchased. Therefore, it is the more economical option of the two.