The Best 4K Blu-Ray Players


Mar 01
The Best 4K Blu-Ray Players

Today, TVs are offering 4K ultra high definition. To keep up with the technology, makers of Blu-Ray players are now offering their versions of 4K Blu-Ray devices so that users get the most out of their 4K TVs.

Purchasing a 4K Blu-Ray player is a significant investment. Because it is a new technology, consumers will easily spend several hundred on their new unit.

Top 3 Best 4K Blu-Ray Players

There are quite a few Blu-Ray players on the market that now offer 4K capabilities. Those interested in purchasing one may quickly become overwhelmed by the options.

To help narrow it down, there are three top contenders consumers should consider first.

Samsung UBD-K8500

The Best 4K Blu-Ray PlayersThis ultra-high-definition Blu-Ray player arrived mid-2016, and it offers 3D capabilities. The unit is sleek, curved, and matches the design flare of the Samsung 4K curved TV models.

What is Great About It?

  • Supports new HDR10 high dynamic range formats.
  • Plays audio CDs as well as regular DVDs and Blu-Ray DVDs.
  • Built-in support for 4K streaming.
  • Can convert regular Blu-Ray DVDs to 4K.
  • Comes with two HDMI outputs.
  • Pairs wirelessly with Samsung TVs.

What Can be Improved?

  • Comes with a hefty price tag over $400.
  • Works best with Samsung TVs and may not be as perfect for non-Samsung users.

Panasonic DMP-UB900

The Best 4K Blu-Ray PlayersThose that want to pay more for extra performance can turn to the Panasonic 4K Blu-Ray player. This unit is also 3D capable.

What is Great About It?

  • One of the only Blu-Ray players on the market with a THX and Ultra UHD Premium certification.
  • Excellent 4K picture quality.
  • Upscale traditional 1080p content.
  • Supports high-resolution HD audio.
  • Features 7.1-channel analog outputs.
  • Streams 4K capable services, including Netflix and YouTube.

What Can be Improved?

  • The Panasonic model costs almost $1,000 – may be out of the price range of most consumer budgets.

Philips BDP7501/BDP7301

The Best 4K Blu-Ray PlayersThis small Blu-Ray player from Philips comes in a variety of colors and takes up limited space on the entertainment stand’s shelving.

What is Great About It?

  • Plays 4K Blu-Rays as well as upscale traditional DVDs.
  • Comes in different colors and finishes.
  • Features two HDMI outputs.
  • Supports HDR10 dynamic range technology.

What Can be Improved?

  • Does not have same audio enhancement as other 4K Blu-Ray players.
  • Higher price tag with fewer features than similarly priced 4K Blu-Ray players.
  • Limited 3D capabilities.

Which 4K Blu-Ray Player is the Best?

All three 4K Blu-Ray players can play 4K DVDs as well as upscale regular DVDs that are not 4K capable. However, only two offer enhanced audio technology that provides crystal clear sound alongside the vibrant picture.

The Philips unit takes up limited space, which is nice for those that do not want yet another bulky electronic item at home. However, users give up features to have more space. The Samsung and Panasonic models both offer 3D capabilities and HDR10.

For those that want the ultimate 4K experience, the Panasonic costs more but will deliver superior picture and sound that makes the price tag well worth it for some.