The Best Bagel Slicer


Feb 22
The Best Bagel Slicer

Bagels have become a cornerstone for a good breakfast. Consumers that enjoy their morning bagel want a convenient way to not only heat but cut their bagel.

Bagel slicers cut bagels quickly, evenly, and ensure the perfect toast every time.

Top 3 Bagel Slicers

Slicers come in a variety of styles and sizes. While the most efficient are those that hold the bagel and slice, these are often meant for commercial use rather than home use. Bagels come in various thicknesses too, which means that a consumer needs a slicer that has an adjustable width – otherwise, their morning bagel may come out of the slicer smashed.

There are three bagel slicers on the market today that is attainable for a consumer’s budget, but also useful for improving anyone’s morning.

The Brooklyn Bagel Slicer

The Best Bagel SlicerThis classic knife is a handheld bagel slicer that guards the blade so that the consumer does not have to worry about cutting their fingers while slicing their bagel. It was featured on the “Rachel Ray Show” as well as in the “Wall Street Journal.”

What is Great About It?

  • Cuts through bread and bagels without smashing them.
  • Can cut croissants, bagels, freshly baked bread, English muffins, and other bread items.
  • Equal slices every time.
  • Dishwasher safe for easier cleanup.

What Can be Improved?

  • Cannot replace the blade – if it rusts or dulls, the entire unit must be replaced.
  • Cannot sharpen the blade or hone it like other knives.
  • Costly for a bagel cutting knife.

Ironwood Gourmet Bagel Miter

The Best Bagel SlicerThis wooden miter helps consumers slice their morning bagels evenly by holding the bagel in place and allowing the customer to use their knife to cut through the bagel.

What is Great About It?

  • Attractive wood finish allows it to be stored on counter.
  • Slots on each side of the bagel holder to accommodate longer knives.
  • Handle for stability.
  • Durable enough to handle many cutting and use.
  • Made from sustainable Acacia wood.
  • No assembly required.

What Can be Improved?

  • Not as tall as other bagel slicers – the bagel may fall out.
  • No safety features – users must be cautious.
  • Can be wiped down with a wet rag, but cannot be washed.


The Best Bagel SlicerThe Bagel Mate keeps hands out of the way, while still holding the bagel in place for an even cut.

What is Great About It?

  • Compact and easy to store. Fits in small drawers.
  • Dishwasher safe for easier cleanup.
  • Can hold any size bagel, bun, or roll.
  • Protects hands from the knife with an edge.

What Can be Improved?

  • Does not come with a warranty or guarantee.
  • Does not come with a knife.

Which is the Best Bagel Slicer?

All three bagel slicers have their pros and cons. For those that do not want a holder, the Brooklyn slicer is best. However, those that prefer stability and want their bagel held for an even cut may like the Bagel Mate or Gourmet Bagel Miter better.

Luckily, all three are budget-friendly, with the Bagel Mate being the cheapest and the Brooklyn slicer being the most expensive.