The Best Robotic Vacuum


Dec 28
The Best Robotic Vacuum

Today, science and technology have found a way to help consumers keep their homes clean without having to vacuum or sweep daily.

Robotic vacuums can sense staircases, send themselves back to the charger when needed, and even ben operated remotely via a smartphone app.

A few years ago, there was only one or two models to choose from, but today there are dozens of robotic vacuums on the market.

Considerations When Purchasing a Robotic Vacuum

Not all robotic units are created equal. Some things consumers should consider include:

  • Whether they are vacuuming up pet hair or just the day to day messes.
  • If they wish to control the unit on their smartphone.
  • Their overall budget.
  • If there is a risk for the unit falling down a flight of stairs.

Top 3 Robotic Vacuums for Homeowners

While there are plenty to choose from, there are three robotic vacuums that stand out among the rest and perform on a variety of floor surfaces.

These units are equipped with the latest technology, including laser sensors, Wi-Fi, motherboards, and require little to no assistance from their owner.

Neato Botvac Connected

The Best Robotic VacuumThe Neato Botvac Connected provides the ultimate level of convenience, and it shares features with its competitor, the Roomba.

What is Great About It?

  • Wi-Fi enabled.
  • App controls with a smartphone.
  • Mapping systems that allow it to tackle small and significant areas of the home.
  • Reaches into corners with a “D” shape design.
  • Picks up dust and dirt with ease.
  • Can set boundary markers.

What Could be Improved?

  • Very expensive.
  • Has a difficult setup process.
  • Gets stuck under pieces of furniture; therefore, the user must create boundary markers.

iRobot Roomba 880

The Best Robotic VacuumThe iRobot Roomba is one of the first robotic vacuums. The 880 features some powerful upgrades to the previous model and sucks up a significant amount of debris on hard floor surfaces.

What is Great About It?

  • Very powerful for its size.
  • Brushless design; therefore, no risk of tangles.
  • Remote control; like a TV remote.
  • Smashes and vacuums larger particles for a better clean.

What Can be Improved?

  • Expensive for homeowners.
  • Complicated layouts will require lengthy setup and accessories.
  • Remote control is clunky.
  • Users often must control manually for a deeper clean.

Moneual Rydis H68 Pro Hybrid Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The Best Robotic VacuumThis versatile robotic vacuum vacuums, but also can wet mop for an all-in-one solution that other robotic units cannot offer.

What is Great About It?

  • Lithium-ion phosphate battery.
  • Front-edge bumper that helps detect furniture and force the vacuum to detour.
  • Vacuums and wet mops floors.
  • Multiple modes for customized cleaning.

What Can Be Improved?

  • Has difficulty finding its charging base at times.
  • Limited options compared to the competition.
  • Does not offer boundary markers.

Final Verdict: Which Robotic Vacuum is Ideal for the Home?

All three units cost similar to one another, and they each have their flaws. The vacuum that has been in operation the longest and comes from a company that completely understands the need for autonomous cleaning is iRobot’s Roomba. However, when it comes to performance and more convenience, the Neato Botvac delivers excellent clean and allows users to control their vacuum from anywhere.

For those that want to combine wet mopping into their automatic vacuum, the Moneual is ideal. It costs similar to Roomba and Botvac, but still offers an extra convenient feature.