Top 3 E-Readers for Bookworms


Jul 28
E-Readers for Bookworms

The days of printed books are almost a thing of the past—especially with e-readers on the market. E-readers allow avid book enthusiasts to read on their tablet without having to keep track of dozens of books in their home library. Furthermore, e-readers are resistant to glare like traditional tablets, so there is less eyestrain when they are used.

Today, there are various e-readers on the market for adults and youth to enjoy. However, when it comes to the top contenders, Kindle Oasis, Kindle Voyage, and the Kobo Glo HD are the top three.

Amazon Kindle Oasis

E-Readers for BookwormsAmazon started the e-reader trend and has been consistently delivering high-quality e-reading experiences since the Kindle first launched. Now, Kindle has a variety of models, including the top-rated Kindle Oasis.

The Oasis is an excellent value for an e-reader, and it is considered the crème of the crop.

What is Great About the Kindle Oasis?

  • Tapered design for an ultra-slim e-reader.
  • Dedicated buttons for page turning and backlight so users can read in the dark.
  • Ergonomic design for less hand strain.
  • Extra sturdy feel with balance for one-handed reading.
  • 300ppi six-inch display with laser-quality text display.
  • The battery can last up to eight weeks on a single charge.

What Needs Improvement?

  • Extremely costly—averaging almost $300 for a single e-reader.
  • Only comes with 4GB of memory for such a high cost.

Amazon Kindle Voyage

E-Readers for BookwormsThe Voyage is another member of the Kindle family. While it is not as expensive as the Oasis, it still offers plenty of features. Kindle Voyage is ideal for those who do not want to spend a significant amount on an e-reader.

What is Great About the Kindle Voyage?

  • Page-like quality display that does not hurt or strain the eyes.
  • 300ppi screen display at six inches in diameter.
  • Lighter than the Kindle Paperweight.
  • It’s feels authentic—just like a real book!
  • Offers adaptive brightness that automatically adjusts to your environment.

What Needs Improvement?

  • No feature for reading in the dark.
  • Only comes with 4GB of storage.
  • Costs $180, which is nonetheless pricey for something that only reads books.

Kobo Glo HD

E-Readers for BookwormsWhile most affiliate e-readers with Kindle, there are more than just Kindles on the market. The Kobo Glo HD competes with the Kindle family of e-readers.

In fact, the resolution has a few more pixels than the Kindle Voyage for those that want extra depth to their reading.

What is Great About the Kobo Glo HD?

  • 300ppi six-inch screen.
  • Stores up to 3,000 books and comes with 4GB storage.
  • No advertisements on the Kobo Glo HD—unlike with Kindle units.
  • Cheapest option out of the three.
  • High-definition screen with a book-like reading experience.

What Needs Improvement?

  • Not as many books available in the Kobo Glo online marketplace—avid readers may feel that they do not have enough choices.

Which is the Better E-Reader?

The decision comes down to price and how much one wants to read on their E-reader.

All three come with the same storage capacity, but at varying price points. The most expensive are the Kindle Oasis models, but with that comes better reading quality, including in the dark reading.

So, an avid bookworm may get their money’s worth out of an Oasis, while an occasional reader or student may prefer the cost-effectiveness of the Kobo Glo HD and Voyage options.