Top Coffee Makers for At-Home Coffee Brewing


Mar 08
Top Coffee Makers for At-Home Coffee Brewing

For many consumers, starting the day off with a freshly brewed cup of coffee is just a way of life.

Coffee makers today range from extraordinarily budget-friendly to budget-busting. For a consumer looking to replace their existing model, the array of choices is certainly overwhelming.

Luckily, there are ways to narrow down the choices and reap the benefits of at-home brewing at the same time.

Benefits of At-Home Brewing

Brewing at home eliminates the excess cost of visiting a coffee shop. After all, for less than $1.00 per cup, a consumer can brew everything from cappuccino to gourmet single-origin coffees at home.

Also, brewing at home puts the consumer in control of their coffee experience. They choose the strength, type of beans used, and even the calories per cup.

Consumer Reports recommends weighing all factors before selecting a coffee maker; because some may offer more benefits to one customer based on their specific needs.

What to Look for When Purchasing a Coffee Maker

  • Number of Cups: For some consumers, one cup is all they need. Others may require three or more cups to get their day started. The amount of coffee consumed obviously must be considered before selecting a maker.
  • How Often: If a consumer likes to drink coffee throughout the day, going with a thermal carafe or single-serve option stretches coffee if it is needed.
  • Programmable Features: Instead of programming in the morning, some may want coffee brewed and ready by the time they get up. If so, programmable is best.
  • Counter Space: Some models take up a considerable amount of space on the counter. For low cabinets or limited counter space, a more compact design is ideal.
  • Type of Coffee: Some machines are limited on the kind of coffee they take, and some require consumers to buy particular brands for the device to work.

An In-Depth Look at the Top Coffee Makers

Coffee makers come in all shapes and sizes. They come in single-serve, pot and carafe style, drip machines, espresso makers, and more.

After comparing all consumer-ready models out there, these three offer a vast spectrum of benefits and could work for the coffee enthusiast as well as the occasional coffee drinker.

Hamilton Beach BrewStation

Top Coffee Makers for At-Home Coffee BrewingThe Hamilton Beach BrewStation was the original single-serve machine before Keurig.

It allows consumers to brew precisely the way they want (and as much as they want).

What is Good About It?

  • The consumer is in control of brewing modes, including regular, bold, iced and small batch.
  • Accommodates travel mugs.
  • One-handed coffee dispensing for on-demand coffee.
  • Programmable, and no carafe needed to keep coffee hot all day.
  • Dishwasher-safe.
  • Accommodates all types of coffee and no restrictions.

What Could be Improved?

  • The machine does not include a permanent coffee filter. Instead, this is purchased separately.
  • Auto shutoff extends only to four hours; therefore, consumers must remember to turn off manually if they need longer operation.
  • Still requires precise measurement for the right flavor of coffee.

Ninja Coffee Bar Thermal Carafe System

Top Coffee Makers for At-Home Coffee BrewingThe Ninja Coffee Bar Thermal Carafe System is designed to eliminate the need for a coffee shop. It accommodates almost all coffee styles and desires.

What is Good About It?

  • Accommodates all cup sizes.
  • Froths milk for espresso-style drinks.
  • Brews iced, robust, carafe, and more.
  • Can create a coffee concentrate.
  • Pod-free single serve coffee system.
  • Accommodates all types of coffee.

What Could be Improved?

  • Costly for most consumers. The price is unattainable for those on a budget.
  • No warming plate for thermal carafe; so, coffee may not stay warm all day.
  • Does not allow single-serve pods.

Keurig K575 2.0 Plus Series

Top Coffee Makers for At-Home Coffee BrewingThe new line of Keurig’s, known as Keurig 2.0, put consumers in control of their brew. They choose from carafe to single-serve, and can even customize the color of their machine to suit their kitchen décor.

What is Good About It?

  • 80-ounce reservoir.
  • Controls water temperature.
  • Brews cup, mug, and carafe.
  • Allows the consumer to control coffee strength.

What Could be Improved?

  • Not compatible with off-brand single-serve K-cups. Machine rejects single-serve pods without Keurig brand.
  • No heating plate for the carafe.

Final Verdict

For those looking to replace the coffee shop experience entirely, the Ninja Coffee Bar makes sense. It does almost every type of specialty coffee drink imaginable.

While it does cost more, the amount a consumer would save outweighs the upfront investment.

Also, there are slightly cheaper models that offer the same capabilities, but smaller or different styles of carafes.

For those that want to brew coffee at home, the Keurig and Hamilton Beach models also work. They are flexible, and still create an excellent cup of coffee.

Between the three, a consumer could choose any brand and be satisfied with the coffee they receive in the morning.