Top Family Board Games to Keep Everyone Entertained for Winter


Dec 07
Top Family Board Games

Winter is almost here, which means more time spent indoors.

For families looking for the ideal Christmas gift that the entire clan can enjoy, board games are making a significant comeback. Families around the country are foregoing video games and moving back toward the classics to keep everyone entertained and sometimes educate at the same time.

Why Play Board Games with Children?

Children need to spend time with their parents.

Board games are an ideal way for parents and children to spend time without feeling rushed. As a bonus, board games offer enrichment and learning opportunities – as well as forcing a child to tap into their creative side.

Top 3 Board Games for the Entire Family

Board games appeal to all ages – including some as young as three. When shopping for board games that work for a larger family with children in different age groups, these three stand out the most.


Top Family Board GamesSimon is a classic memory game that almost every adult has played at least once in their life. This game uses color combinations, and slowly builds up the memory game. The goal is to get to as many steps as possible to win the game.

Today’s digital version allows for multiple players to compete and offers high score tracking.

What is Great About It?

  • Uses lights and sounds so even younger children can play along.
  • Keeps track of the highest score.
  • Encourages hand and eye coordination.
  • Helps children improve memory.
  • Portable – can even be played in the car.
  • Works for solo play as well.

What Could be Improved?

  • The digital screen can be difficult to operate at times.
  • Game does not come with batteries.

I Spy Ready to Read Game

Top Family Board GamesThis game is based on the I Spy books and includes five family-friendly games in a single box. The game is easy enough for children as young as four to play, and is ideal for pre-readers who are struggling with early reading activities.

What is Great About It?

  • Teaches children to read and apply what they have learned.
  • Works for younger ages.
  • A simple matching game that helps children practice visual skills.
  • Teaches letter recognition.
  • Helps teach language structure and syllables.

What Can be Improved?

  • The game consists of punch-out paper pieces, which are easily lost and bent.

The Allowance Game

Top Family Board GamesDesigned by Lakeshore Learning, this fast-paced game teaches children how to manage their allowance, create change, and spend their earnings wisely.

What is Great About this Game?

  • Fast-paced, family-friendly game.
  • Ideal for ages as young as five.
  • Helps children value their earnings.
  • Teaches addition and subtraction.

What Can be Improved?

  • Coins are not like real coins; therefore, creates some confusion for children.

Final Verdict: Which Board Game Wins?

All three board games are excellent for family game night and teaching young ones. However, parents that want to teach their children better math skills or about managing their allowances will find the Allowance Game best.

Parents that want to help their young readers improve on literacy and reading will prefer the I Spy Game.

All three games are under $30; therefore, they are all budget-friendly and an ideal addition to any family game closet.